Vertical garden in kitchen area.

10 Ways to Bring Nature into your Home

It appears very difficult to do so, but it is bit easy to bring nature into your home. It is not all about planting trees in the middle of your living room or creating a feeling of freedom exactly the same when you are out from home.

Here are some of the ideas that bring nature in your home.

1. A backyard cinema

This is the best place to enjoy cinemas with your family and friends. This would be the best place to enjoy so and you would enjoy the same with guests and feel near to nature.

A backyard cinema for home.
A backyard cinema

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2. Chandelier that appears next to forest

The chandelier can be designed as forest like sculpture with turned roots, stem, bushes, and various tree branches create an effect of nature. Thus, it will create indoor forest effect at your home.

Chandelier that appears next to forest.

3. Backyard fire pit

Especially during spring or autumn season to enjoy wonderful nights with your loved ones, backyard is the perfect place to fix a fire pit. You can also enjoy this even during winter season that warm up you and also enjoy the moment of preparing snowman. Group of friends and cup of tea or coffee would complete the scene.

Backyard fire pit
Backyard fire pit

4. Living room that is filled with natural elements

You can have some nature elements in the living room like plants can be there in the space to give the feel of seating in the forest. Organic materials enhances the beauty of living room by providing natural touch to the space.

It is good idea to bring beach in your living room. Rather than spending few days on beach and returning back to home with monotonous style in your house, fill your living room with sand and enjoy the moment every day.

Decorate living room that brings nature to the home
Decorate living room that brings nature to the home

5. Combination of bed and aquarium

Bedroom is the great place to relax and sleep peacefully. Aquarium is attached with your bed and place varied variety of fishes into this. Counting fishes and spend this special moments with your loved ones will perfect idea to add nature in your home.

Combination of bed and aquarium.
Combination of bed and aquarium

6. Office room with beach sand

The sand is the perfect thing to relax your feet and permanent feeling of vacation even at the time of working. Under your desktop table you can filled the area with beach sand. It is perfect style to do so where you work.

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7. Dining table that swing

You are never too old to rewind your childhood memories. Dining table with swing chairs even in your office will turn a boring meeting into an interesting and unique style to welcome your guests. Most of the time, you do productive things while having fun. Thus reinvent your either your staff meeting or breakfast with your family, it is good and worth full add-on in your home.

Dining table that swing
Swinging dining table

8. Tree house in your kids room

To add beauty of nature in your kids’ room, you just have to simply need your imaginations. Your kid might want a tree house but this is not possible everywhere. Buy bed which is made up of woody and build a tree house above it or at the side.

9. Vertical garden in the kitchen area

You will enjoy while cooking with the aroma of beautiful flowers placed in your kitchen. You can also use some fresh herbs in as an ingredient in your cooking. It is easily to place and you can enjoy healthy food with your family.

Vertical garden in kitchen area.
Vertical garden in kitchen area

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10. Wall that plays music while raining

Though this is bit hard to build your outside wall of house like when the drop of water enters, the music will start. This type of idea is build up by great architects, though it needs the high amount of money to set up. The wall will seem like converting the pattern of rainfall into the spectacular orchestral symphony, where the music is played when the drop of rain enters.

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