Durable tiles useful to remodel bathroom.

21 Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Tips

All your needs, physical and spiritual are addressed by an effective bathroom and we love to reinvent or remodel our bathroom with many ideas and gorgeous styles. You must look upon all tips and ideas before deciding which one is your choice as it is very hard to pick just one or two favourite designs. In addition to it, even a small bathroom requires costly material so you should consider all tips when considering bathroom renovation.

21 Ideas to Remodel Bathroom

1. Smart Storage

If your bathroom is large enough, then you should take the advantage of space and utilise it for storage purpose. Storage of any bathroom item or your clothes etc will never go out of style. Taking an advantage of vertical space and cabinetry up the wall is always a good option.

2. Make a choice of elegant fixtures

Graceful lines or designs on pedestal sink are very catchy to eyes rather than an old blocky cabinet vanity. A classic claw foot tub is like bathroom sculpture and look very beautiful too.

Elegant bathroom fixture for bathroom remodeling ideas.

3. Before buying any bath tub, prefer to sit in

A 60 inches long bath tub is almost fine for every person and bigger than you height is not always better. Assess the angled back and lip for comfort and neck support. If you need tub for two people prefer to buy which has taps in the middle and if you are buying a small one then go for extra deep tub.

4. Stylish mirror in bathroom

Beautifully framed mirror over a sink is always good option to place it than any other surfaces in the bathroom. Prefer to choose a mirror which has an attachment of light holder on the top to give better view.

5. Go for durable tiles

Always choose durable and water resistant tile or marble for bathroom. Ceramic, stone tiles and marble also have these features.

Durable tiles useful to remodel bathroom.

6. Utilise your shower area

You can plan to have an open concept shower area that does not require any curtain or door. Moreover, well designed drainage and high wall mounted shower head will splash less water on the floor and thus keeps the area outside the shower dry.

7. Lightning in bathroom

Good lighting is vital for the bathroom area. Always have lights over the mirror for no shadow and install dimmers too.

Candle light idea for decorating bathroom

8. Always buy a good quality toilet

Although it not mandatory to buy a good quality toilet seat, opting for a good quality increases its years of usage. Most preferable models which have elongated bowls and seats are liked by the consumers.

9. Integrate luxury in your bathroom

Indulge yourself with an expanded spa like bathroom that includes dressing room. This will leads to have privacy and relaxation. In addition to it, outfit it with a television, exercise equipment, comfortable chair and many more which you time to relax and you can spend with yourself.

Luxury bathroom remodel ideas and tips.

10. Addition of natural beauty over the sink

If you are looking for bathroom that welcomes peaceful environment then this is the best tip to choose. To draw design of inspiration from nature you can include earthy materials like natural stones, greenery stuffs or wood like tiles.

11. Plant life in bathroom

To dress up your bathroom in a natural look, it’s time to choose indoor plants. Alternative ways to look upon this style is to choose hanging plants, a vertical garden that gives your bathroom a new look combined with nature.

12. Reinvent your master bathroom with luxury stuffs like bathtub

Many people wants bigger bathroom that is close to bedroom. To make it more luxury choose beautiful basins, sliding doors attached to your bedroom so that you can open up or close according to your own wish. If you have good space, go with a luxurious bathtub that makes space decent.

Luxury bathtub design photo by homedecorbuzz

13. Safe water by having control over showers

Welcome smart and friendly fixtures which give you control over the flow and temperature of the water.

14. Geometric tiles

It is one of the major design trends for the bathroom as geometrical tiles are very catchy to eyes. These tiles are a great design solution for those who want to add depth and visual interest to a neutral space.

Geometric tiles useful in bathroom remodeling.

15. Hang framed quotes on the wall of bathroom

Add grace to the walls of the bathroom by hanging framed quotes or painted old picture. You can also print some quotes on printable paper and fix it in different and elegant frames.

16. Exposed wooden shelves to keep all amenities of the bathroom

Build exposed wooden shelves to put basic things like toilet paper, cotton balls, fresh towels, shampoo, conditioner bottles and many more. Better to keep it within a reach of adults but not kids.

White wooden shelves for keeping amenities in bathroom

17. Basket to store fresh hand towels

Especially white coloured towels evoke a clean look in the bathroom. You can store hand towels or towels in a basket so that anyone can easily identify it.

18. Paint the sink cabinet

To accomplish bathroom renovation you can use semi-gloss paint to apply a coat of paint on sink cabinet. You can choose any color of your choice but prefer light colors like white, light pink.

Paint sink cabinet to remodel your bathroom.

19. Stain wood to give rustic accents

Combination of steel wool grade and apple cider vinegar will gave the wood a dark gray stain color. You can use scrap wood pieces to accomplish this tip.

20. Accent tiles on the walls of bathroom

Accent tiles will give a design of colour and character. Most of the tile made up of glass which is specifically used for bathroom is bit expensive. Accent tiles are good option over to your budget.

Blue luxury bathroom design photo by homedecorbuzz

21. Curved shower rod

Curved shower rod adds space to your shower. Also, it looks nice when attached to the walls of the bathroom.

How do you find these bathroom remodeling ideas? Do you like them? Share your views about the same in comment section.

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