Kitchen design ideas in beach style

3 mistakes to avoid when designing your kitchen

The kitchen is like the heart of every home. It is the area of the house where all family members gather, cook, and spend time together. So, it isn’t odd that you want to invest some effort in creating the best design for your kitchen. You probably have seen a thousand inspirations online but still have no idea if you can actually convert your kitchen in something that you see in a picture.

Kitchen design ideas in beach style
Beautiful kitchen design

If the size and shape of your kitchen allow you, you will most probably be able to stick to the same design. However, design matters a lot less than you would think. What really matters is to make your kitchen functional, organized, and convenient. And, in order to do so, make sure you avoid these 3 mistakes.

1. Not considering your needs

One of the biggest mistakes that new homeowners make when designing their kitchen is not respecting the kitchen triangle obstructions. If you have never heard of that, don’t worry, the kitchen triangle obstructions refer to the sink, stove, and refrigerator which are the 3 most common kitchen features you use during your activities in the kitchen. The design looks better if the refrigerator is placed in the other part of the room? Ok, but you just made yourself make a few more extra walks from the stove to the refrigerator every time you cook.

Moreover, the kitchen sink is one of the most important areas of your kitchen because it usually sees the most action of the triangle. It is the place where you clean fruits and vegetables and wash dishes. So, apart from ensuring that you purchase the right faucet from the best home hardware supplier, you also need to ensure that you have easy access to the sink.

2. Not adding enough storage space

Like it or not, you are going to need a lot of storage space for your kitchen. There are going to be many kitchen tools and stuff, including pottery, glasses, and frying pans, plus many other appliances that will take more space than you would imagine.

So, one big mistake while designing your kitchen would be to not include enough storage space for your kitchen’s needs. Make sure you maximize the free space in your kitchen no matter how big or small it may be.

3. Bad lighting

Another huge mistake homeowners make when designing their kitchen is adding poor lighting. Kitchens are the areas of the house that need as much light as possible. Imagine cooking in the kitchen on a poor light. Not only that it would be a real challenge but it can also be dangerous as many accidents can happen such as cutting your finger or burning your hand when taking the tray out from the oven.

It is advisable to allow natural light to enter the kitchen as much as possible. Also, you must install good lighting such as general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. The more light you have in the room, the easier it will be for you to complete all the tasks such as cooking or cleaning.

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In order to avoid creating a poor kitchen design, you must evaluate your work areas and create a design that will provide everything you need such as access, lighting, and space.

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