5 DIY Home Decor tips to make home look modern.

5 DIY Home Decor tips to make home look modern

To wake up early morning with a dream to live in luxurious home might leave you in a feel of dismay. It is bit difficult as everybody wants to live in a house with multiple features like elaborate moulding, high ceilings, oversized window which gives a view of natural beauty, architectural fixtures and many more.

5 DIY Home Decor tips to make home look modern.

To give your house an elegant look, here are some tips which are under budget and requires less of planning to execute. These few simple steps can make your house look modern that is an extraordinary from ordinary and you will enjoy the modern look.

DIY tips for modern home decor

Paint color on walls matter a lot

Choosing paint color is bit difficult task while decorating home. Every time light colors like white in living area looks elegant but can seem boring some times. However, to give an elegant look to home it’s mandatory to add glamour to your home in the form of paint colours. While choosing colors go for deep and rich colour for instance, a deep blue wall will requires some light colored furniture.

Painting doors in black or dark woody brown is another great idea which creates a feeling of luxury without troubling your pocket. Self printed quotes or stencils on the plain wall can add a modern look to it. Try doing so in your favorite color that is in contrast with the base colour.

Lavish lighting will give an expensive look

All the rooms of house should be well lighted by chandeliers, side lamps, wall sconces, art lights and many more. Probably you will choose the standard lighting fixtures which look almost similar as the other houses have. To make your home more lavish, designer light fixtures will add on more elegancy to your home and give a glamour look to your house.

Dimmers are the key to mood lighting where as lamp shades add a nice hint of glamour and thus, every type of lighting are prepared for specific reason and modern look. LED lights and bud bulbs to decorate that artificial tree/plant can also do wonders. You can also put up the lighting bulbs on the chandelier which will serve the purpose of dim lights as well as give modern look to your house.

Rich fabrics of pillow will give comfort

Pillows in your home complete two purposes that is, choosing the correct fabric and giving comfort to the users. Typically rich texture of pillow is what you can see and feel and provides a little extra comfort; offer a cosy and pleasant sight to eyes.

Amalgamation of different shades of whites with pastel colours in velvet, linen and silk is commensurable with luxurious touch in your house. Standard size of pillows are 12 to 18 inches that is if you are picking 22 inches of pillow cover then insert 20 inches of pillow cover stuff.

Accessories and artwork in your house

“Things that Matter”in your house is Accessories and Artwork. Framed posters, artwork from children, photography of different scenic beauty, single large picture on wall, elegant and wood frames. For example your photography, sketches made up with pencil and water colors etc, can exist on the same wall and you can also make collage to make the even more descent. Gold color is associated with riches and combination of this with black will create an elegant feeling specifically on accessories.

Floor of your house

Floors are also an important part of the whole house and if you had hardwood floor then carpeting the whole floor from wall to wall is mandatory. If you are still confuse to decide floor then go for good texture, color and more elegant look. Bright colours, animal prints and bold patterns are very popular. You can also opt for appropriate rugs of your choice to put up in living room or your bedroom. Modern artwork and prints are very common these days.

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