Beautiful blue bathroom design

5 Expert Ideas That Can Help You Bring Your Bathroom to Life

A renovation is an exciting time for a homeowner because it allows them to update and improve the look of their home. Not only does a renovation improve the interior of the home, it increases the home’s value in most cases. For a homeowner, renovating bathrooms will give them a greater value when it comes time to sell their home. Below is a closer look at five different tips on giving your bathroom a face lift.

Beautiful blue bathroom design


When it comes to a renovation, bathroom vanities with tops are key features in any updated bathroom. There are various options to choose from, and one must consider the space they are working with.

For example, if it is a large bathroom, something more elaborate with plenty of countertop space and a double sink is an option. Depending on one’s aesthetic preference, vanities come in various styles, colors, stains, and size. The tops can be customized to fit a certain vanity or homeowners can purchase a vanity and top combination.

A Fresh Paint Color

Nothing brightens up a room in a home more than a new paint color, as painting is an easy and affordable way to bring life to any room of the home again. Bathrooms can be painted any color, but it is recommended that owners stick to a fresh and light color to make the bathroom an inviting and calm space.

Lighter colors also make the room appear larger than it is. Trim and wainscoting are great additions as they provide dimension and texture to the walls.

Updating The Shower Or Bathtub

If the budget allows it, updating the shower or bathtub change the look of the bathroom drastically. Again, if a budget is not an issue, replacing the shower and making it more modern is advised.

A lot of options are available for the type of shower, the tiles, the number of sprayers, and the location of the sprayers. Incorporating a bathtub is a great idea for a larger bathroom to give it a spa-like feel.


Decorating the bathroom does not have to be a difficult task and does not require a lot of time or money. Incorporating soft and plush towels in the color scheme of the bathroom is both functional and decorative.

Candles are a good touch, as well as flowers. Many people incorporate art in their bathrooms as well. An example may be a fun saying or framed pictures.


Finally, the flooring of the bathroom is important when considering the overall look of the room. Floors of a bathroom are typically tiled, but this does not mean there are no other options available to consider.

For example, many people choose to have hardwood flooring throughout their bathroom. Regardless of the material used, there are so many options of floor tiles to choose from in terms of the look the owners would like their bathroom floor to have.

Renovating a bathroom does not have to be difficult nor does it need to be expensive. A renovation is possible on any budget because homeowners are capable of doing the majority of the work themselves. They can also mix and match vanities with various tops, sizes, colors, and so much more. A bathroom renovation increases the value of the home and provides the family with a fresh and updated space to use.

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