Walk in Tub installed in bathroom

5 Great Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures

5 Great Benefits of Glass Shower Enclosures: Does Your Bathroom Need a Breath of Fresh Air?

Homeowners planning a bathroom renovation are often on the fence about whether to keep their old bathtubs or make the switch to a walk-in shower. Glass shower enclosures have been growing in popularity in recent years with great options available online at places like Showersly,, but not everyone has jumped on board this trend.

Shower enclosures are affordable, beautiful, and perfect for bathrooms of all shapes, styles, and sizes. Read on to find out about five of the great benefits of glass shower enclosures that might change homeowners’ minds.

Walk in Tub installed in bathroom

Embrace a Contemporary Aesthetic

Traditional, set-in bathtubs with shower curtains make bathrooms look dated. Modern homeowners need modern solutions, and that’s just what the shower enclosures from Capitol Glass provide.

They’re elegant, luxurious, and perfect for almost any household. In small bathrooms, they make a great replacement for large bathtubs and, in larger bathrooms, they can be incorporated along with freestanding or built-in tubs to give residents more options.

Reduce Cleaning Time

Glass shower enclosures are easier to clean than bathtubs with shower curtains. Shower curtains, in particular, are prone to mold and mildew buildup, which causes not just unsightly stains but also potential health hazards.

Homeowners who are sick of wasting hours cleaning and maintaining their tubs will be happy to know that glass shower enclosures are extremely easy to clean. Just apply a few sprays of glass cleaner, wipe it off with a paper towel, and call it done.

Create More Space

Shower enclosures take up less space than tubs, which makes them perfect for smaller bathrooms. Glass enclosures can also make any bathroom look even more spacious than it is since glass walls and doors allow light in and don’t disrupt sightlines.

Homeowners concerned about privacy in the bathroom can install frosted or textured glass walls and doors. They’ll block the view to create privacy without blocking the light.

Improved Safety

Traditional bathtubs create a serious fall hazard, especially for seniors, young children, and mobility-impaired residents. Shower enclosures reduce the chances of dangerous slip and fall accidents in several ways.

They don’t have a high lip, so there’s no need to struggle to get in and out, and since they don’t have shower curtains, there’s less chance of water leaking onto the floor. Shower enclosures are also made from impact-resistant glass, so there’s no need to worry about broken glass.

Add Value to the Home

Bathrooms are one of the first areas of the home that potential buyers check when deciding whether to make an offer. If they walk in and see a worn, aging tub, they’re not going to be impressed. A beautiful, contemporary shower enclosure, on the other hand, will make buyers feel more confident.

It doesn’t matter whether homeowners are performing renovations with the intention of selling as soon as possible or not. Glass shower enclosures hold up well over time, so they’re always a good investment.

The Bottom Line

Every residential bathroom is a little different, but most of them have one thing in common: they would all look better with a shower enclosure. When looking into options, homeowners should seek a glass supplier that provides plenty of design choices and full installation services. Check out options online or call a local glass company to get a free estimate today.

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