5 Things to Look at While Selecting Tiles.

5 Things to Look at While Selecting Tiles

Selecting right tiles for living room and rest of the house is an important task. Tiles are the best tool to enhance the beauty of floor in the house. But choosing the right one is bit difficult. Tiles come in different cuts, pattern, sizes, texture, colors and material.

Most of the time you stuck to pick the best tile set, as you will like the sample tile in catalogues, in next set you will end up liking colour, texture of third one and pattern of fourth one and so on. To avoid this confusion here are few things you should look upon while deciding the correct set of tiles for your sweet home.

5 Things to Look at While Selecting Tiles.
Things to Look at While Selecting Tiles

Things to remember while selecting home tiles

Durability and material matters

Spending on tile is one time investment. So if you are spending a little more, then there is no harm because you are not going to change them again in next couple of years. Unless it got worst or you are changing the whole house decor. Therefore, it is always a good choice to spend more money on quality product or durable tiles for home.

Also, never compromise with floor tiles for the sake of money as you are not going to change them often. There are several types of tiles with different kinds. You should have an idea about the material being used in tiles.

Maintenance requirement

Buying costly tiles for home does not mean your tasks end here. You have to maintain it as well by cleaning the tiles at least thrice in the whole year. Tiles will look clean and beautiful only when cleaning is taken care of on regular intervals. Tiles made up of linoleum and porcelain is very easy to maintain. So you can choose these tiles material so that maintenance can easily be conducted.

Looks and style

Before selecting the right tiles for home or floor, one thing you should consider is selecting the right set of tiles according to the style of the room. Style of rooms and tiles you choose is going to influence your entire home. To make the tiles more appropriate for the room, move ahead for the style which has best coordination with the furniture of the room. So that tiles will look the best for the particular room.

Stylish looking tiles for home

Choosing correct color

Choose the appropriate colour tile that complements the remaining house. Tile’s color and design matters a lot and if they are not coordinated with the wall theme then the room might look dull or lifeless. You can choose the contrast colour of tiles as well, like if the walls are light in colour then always go for dark tiles. This contrasting behavior will make the room beautiful and full of life. Along with this, you should have the clear idea about what kind of style you want. For instance, of you want to give jungle look to your kid’s room then go for brown and green colored tiles.

Stay safe by choosing slip-resistant tiles

Bathrooms are generally more prone area for fall incident and if you have kids or too old people at your place then you should better buy slip resistant tiles. If the tiles are not slippery then chance of fall will reduce drastically. Select the tiles that look good but are also safe for use.

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