5 Things Your Gaming Room Should Have

The COVID-19 pandemic has shut down entertainment establishments. Some, like Apex Parks and even Cirque du Soleil, have filed for bankruptcy because of a lack of customers. And while The New York Times began reporting about wide-ranging reopening last summer, we’ve since seen variants and spikes in COVID transmission cause subsequent shutdowns of various businesses.

While all states have largely reopened entertainment establishments, only certain kinds of businesses are allowed –– such as movie theaters and amusement parks. Bowling alleys and other gaming establishments have still not reopened in several states — and even those that have reopened still have social distancing rules and limits on capacity.

If you miss gaming but still aren’t completely confident about going outdoors for long periods, however, now many be a good time to consider designing a game room of your own at home. Below are some items to look for to make it perfect:

Pool table

You can never go wrong with a pool table in a gaming room. Pool tables come in different sizes and are tricky to move, so it’s best to measure how big your room is. For instance, a seven-foot table can be placed in a 16×13-foot room, while a 17×14-foot room can comfortably fit a nine-foot table. As to different styles and prices, The Spruce has done a nice job of compiling a variety to look through. Fairmont by Hathaway Games is great if you’re low on budget and space, but still want a sturdy, long-lasting (and foldable) option; if money is little object and you want a show-stopping piece, The Parsons by Pottery Barn may be the way to go.


A dartboard is another game room essential since it’s an easy game to learn and pass the time with. Though the game is simple, there are actually many options regarding the kind of board you can have. The basic boards are perfect for beginners, with increased scoring areas and surfaces that don’t require professional throwing techniques to hit. But there are also electronic boards like the Arachnid Titanium 54000 that automatically keep track of everyone’s scores. These boards also facilitate different game variations, from practice drills to solo play. Your choice of dartboard should ultimately be based on both your experience and the types of dart games you plan to play.


Gaming establishments often have carpets, though they’re admittedly not always the nicest to look at since they usually have bold designs and bright colors. Perhaps this is establishments’ way of keeping us alert. In any case, in the comfort of your home, you might want to have a carpet with an appealing color or design that complements the walls or other furniture in the room. You can also seek out a carpet displaying gaming themes like dice or cards. Whatever your specific choice,, adding a carpet gives you the feeling of still stepping into an actual gaming establishment.

Flat-screen TV

Whether you and your friends are actively playing games or not, having a TV provides entertainment. A flat-screen TV may also be better than one with a curved screen for reasons like availability (there’s a tremendous selection) and cost. The viewing angles are also typically better. With such a TV in place, you’ll feel more immersed while watching major gaming events –– which is becoming a more common hobby no matter where your interest lies.

Major eSports events for instance now air on a range of networks and capture huge audiences; the World Series of Poker has had a resurgence, with many of the 88 events that made up WSOP 2021 airing on CBS Sports (with 15 hours of broadcasting for the Main Event alone). And of course if you’re one for just watching day-to-day video gaming, you can always connect a Twitch stream to your TV. Whatever you like, you can enjoy it best from your gaming room with an exceptional TV like the Samsung QN900A, which offers up to 8K resolution.


Of course, you’ll want to have a place to lounge when you’re not playing (or even if you are, depending on the game!). Like the other furniture or décor you plan to have in your gaming room, you should have a sofa that’s the right size and has a color that complements the room. Our ‘How to Pick the Perfect Upholstery Fabric for Your Sofa’ article also gives some tips for choosing good material. You can always opt for the velvety textures you see in professional gaming establishments. Then again, you can opt for durable textile to withstand wear and tear, or a slipcover type of upholstery for easy cleaning.

Take all of these ideas into account, and you’ll be in position to set up an excellent home gaming room!

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