5 Wall Decor Ideas that make space expensive.

5 Wall Decor Ideas that make space expensive

The first place of home decoration starts with living room, next most probably is kitchen or bedroom and it should depict your taste. To have a desire of high end looking rooms might be difficult if you have a tight budget. There are some ways in which you can make wall decoration even in that budget which suits your pocket and looks expensive and elegant.

5 Wall Decor Ideas that make space expensive.

Ideas can be from choosing wall paper of your own choice or looking for a stylish photo frame and many more in counting, there are simple solutions you need to know about to decorate your wall. Ideas below are the ways that make your wall looks expensive and luxurious.

Wall Decor Ideas to make space expensive

Make creative photo album on the wall

To make your wall more decorative you can use photographs to make creative photo album on the wall. Rather than going for old rectangular photo frames to put on images you should try something more innovative and recreational that come from your creative minds. You can also make portrait of anything you like which create a base for your photo album on wall and then stick photographs on it.

Favourite fruit or vegetable shape on the kitchen wall

If you are looking to decorate your kitchen wall you can put on or stamp your favourite fruit or vegetable shape in your kitchen wall or walk in pantry. This made the kitchen wall more fascinating as prints of food items on wall is very catchy to eyes for those food lovers. You can find the prints or stamp of different items like orange, apple slice, funny pineapple, oval tomato, fatty potato and many more.

Geometrical figures on the wall

Specifically for maths lovers, you can make your wall painted with geometric cut outs like triangle, circles, rectangle and many more figures. You can use peel and stick papers for the decoration. Draw the figure of your choice and shape, and then cut them out.

Afterwards peel of particular shape and paste it on the wall. Using contrasting colour is a good option; you can go for mustard colour if the base is orange. These contrasting papers can be used in any shape you desire to see on the wall.

Cover walls with posters

For readers who always want to cover themselves in the world of words or alphabets. You can use ruined magazines, books, or old newspaper to cover your wall and make it more soothing to eyes. Covering the wall with this is next to recreational work and you can use regular wall paper. You can paste or attach the papers on the wall.

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Put up strips on wall for decoration

In the changing world, skip the painstaking painter’s tape now. You can use strips of different colours to decorate wall. These taps can easily be pasted and removed. You can wrap your room with horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even chevron strips to make your room classy. These strips are easily available in the market and less expensive even then painting and you can remove easily without peeling off any paint on the wall. It is next to the room saver too.

What are your thoughts on these ideas for wall decoration? Share your opinion with us in comment section.

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