Home Security

6 Ways to improve your Home Security

Each and every one of us works incredibly hard to be able to live in a house we paid for surrounded by our creature comforts. Unfortunately, that means very little to criminals who are looking for the next person to rob from. It’s estimated that there are 2.5 million burglaries every year.

Home Security

If you want to stay as safe and protected from crime as possible, here are 6 ways to improve your home security today:

1. Don’t hide away

You might think that hiding your home behind trees and shrubs will actually protect you from a burglary, but in many cases, this is wrong. You’re more likely to be giving a burglar a shield to hide behind, which will prevent onlookers from noticing their suspicious activity. It’s better to have your driveway on show to passers-by, which will make you less of a likely target for burglary.

2. Change your locks

If you have any reason whatsoever to have suspicion that your home might be a break-in target, the first thing you should do is change your locks. Contact a locksmith who can use a machine, like the CLK manual key machine, to produce new keys for your new locks, and make sure only you and your most trusted friends and family members have access to them.

3. Avoid glass near your door handle

One of the latest vivint smart home decor trends is to add a glass panel to or around your front door. The major problem with doing this is that you’re giving burglars a much easier way to break into your home by simply smashing the glass and reaching around to unlock your front door. If you like the look of glass in your hallway, just make sure you plan where to put it carefully.

4. Don’t show off your valuables

We get it: we’re all proud of the things we’ve been able to afford, but showing them off is always a cause for trouble. Displaying your valuable items for the world to see in your drive or through your front window is essentially the same as showing them off on Instagram – and if you’ve read the news stories, you’ll know how dangerous that can be. Keep your most valued possessions out of sight, for you to enjoy only.

5. Lock your windows

It’s surprising how few people actually bother with window locks nowadays. When a burglar can’t break into your home through your front door, the windows are the next place they’ll try. Make it harder for them by securing your windows with professional locks, and alarms, too, if you want to be extra protective. Burglars are much less likely to hang around trying to suss out how to get into a home that’s well-secured.

6. Use motion-sensor lights

A number of burglars target homes at night, while the occupants are sleeping. They’re stealthy enough to work quietly without waking anyone up – so prevent them from trespassing on your drive in the first place with motion-sensor lights. Line them along your front drive, plus around the perimeter of your backyard, to prevent any unwanted visitors in the hours of darkness.

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