White kitchen decor trends 2016.

7 Kitchen Design Trends for 2016

Want to update your kitchen from 2015 to 2016 with latest kitchen design trends? You might be thinking to remodel your house with fantastic designs available in the market for your home or might be upgrading your few important things in your present kitchen design. Undoubtedly, kitchen is the heart of the house and every member of house wants to make it look perfect according to the design of the whole house.

Even if you are not interested in making changes to the whole kitchen area then also there are some available updates in the market that will make your kitchen appear trendy and up to date among the latest trends of 2016.

Kitchen Design Trends 2016

1. Transitional style of kitchen

A transitional style kitchen is the blend of both traditional and contemporary design. This year, this style is very “IN” in the market. Many of the houses are remodeling there kitchen to reflect this style. This type of style is very popular in 2015 as well and moving with increasing trend this year also.

Transitional style of kitchen for 2016 interior designing trends.
Transitional style of kitchen for 2016 interior designing trends

2. Shaker style kitchen

When we talk about the broader look of the traditional style then “Shaker style” is the style that fits into that category. The appearance of this style is more of traditional look rather than modern style. Also, it shares some of the common characteristics like clean and simple lines appearance. Moreover, for those who want to give there cabinet a natural look then this type of style is perfect one. It makes kitchen style to be contemporary, modern or retro, depending upon the hardware you use for the elements present in the kitchen.

3. White beauty in your kitchen

Nowadays, white is the color which is the most popular one whether anyone talks about kitchen or bedroom. It is the popular color for kitchen, specifically for kitchen cabinets. To give white beauty to the kitchen, in this designing trend of 2016 includes tile, backsplashes, cabinets and appliances to be purchase in white color.

White kitchen decor trends 2016.
White kitchen decor trends 2016.

4. Contemporary style kitchen

If we will talk about the designing trends of kitchen in 2015 then transitional style have an edge over the contemporary style kitchen. But this year, it is totally reversed scenario. Contemporary style kitchen is gaining popularity in 2016 and close to the second designing style in terms of demand. As the time passes, it is expected that this designing trend might be on the first one in the list.

5. Traditional style kitchen

In most of the area, traditional style design decline its popularity in 2015. But in the designing trends of 2016 it is next to the important style. No doubt most of the people have view in mind that other styles have again an edge over the traditional style. But this style is forever one. Whether the year and year pass by, traditional style design will remain forever in the market.

6. Black kitchen

In 2016, black color is the color which is popping out in the form of black colored appliances. With the recent collection of black stainless steel appliance in the market make the best style ever in the market. It is next to the color trend and gain popularity in next year as well.

Black kitchen design trend for 2016.
Black kitchen design trend for 2016

7. Blue kitchen

In 2016, ranges of blue color gain its popularity. Navy blue, royal blue and lighter blue with the combination of white or gray color is the best design. All these combination will make this style more trendy and popular in 2016.

Thus, there are some of the popular trends in the market which make your kitchen designing according to the new trends of the year 2016.

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