8 Common Mistakes made While Painting Furniture.

8 Common Mistakes made While Painting Furniture

Painting furniture is one amazing task as how a little love for furniture can totally change a piece. It is something most frugal that all creative people want to do. It seems easy to paint the furniture, but it isn’t. A shabby looking piece of furniture can be painted to make it a newer looking furniture piece that brightens up the house.

8 Common Mistakes made While Painting Furniture.

Furniture painting can be done using good brushes as well as foam rollers and even through spraying. But, few common mistakes are noticed while painting furniture such as finishing isn’t smooth, paint peels or paint chips, which should be avoided.

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1. Preparation Time

Lack of proper preparation makes a huge difference. The more attention given to it, the better will be the results. One should not jump right into the project, but initially spend majority of the time on preparation. General idea should be taken of the amount of time needed to take the project from start to finish. It should be scheduled right such as picking up the right time for painting.

2. Skimping on Brushes and Rollers

Good brushes and roller covers gives better coverage. Brush strokes happen because of poor quality of brushes. The stiffer the brush, the worse it will look. Never opt for cheap brushes and rollers to save money.

3. Paint Quality

Make sure to buy good quality paint as bad quality of the paint can cause flashing or stickiness after drying. Flashing is unevenness which is extremely noticeable when light reflects. Stickiness is also another output of poor or crappy quality paints.

4. Not Cleaning the Piece or Removing the Residue

The furniture piece should be cleaned before applying the primer. If it is old, wipe it with a cleaner to remove substances like grease, wax or embedded dirt and let it dry. If the dust or wax or oil is not removed before hand, then the primer or paint won’t adhere properly as it will cause the paint to peel or chip away. Dust can create little tiny bumps in the surface as well.

5. Going without Primer

Primer should be applied before applying the paint. The paint will be durable if the primer is applied as the primer can fill the small scratches, covers the flaws and gaps and also gives a blank slate or a smooth surface that will long last. Skipping a primer is not an option because of time as the primers are designed to dry quickly.

6. Not properly filling Holes and Cracks

Holes, cracks, scratches or the flaws should be filled up properly before applying the paint itself as going back and fixing those after the piece is already painted will be a pain and also will be very tough to make the paint look smooth again.

7. Inefficiency

Before jumping into the project, most sensible approach should be considered so as to make it a efficient success. Move the furniture upside down so that the paint can be applied underbelly and insides easily or elevate the furniture to make it easier to work on.

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8. Selecting the Right Color

Don’t choose a color that you will soon be sick of. Although, bright colors or funky colors looks like fun but sometimes they look like cheap. Make sure to consider the right color so that there are no regrets later.

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  1. Thank you for publishing this article. It’s really important to slow down and take stock of the project before hand. I know we all want to jump in and just do it! Me too! But if you take your time and really do each step right the end result will be what you want. Remember, it’s your time that gets wasted as well as the paint and other materials if it doesn’t look the way you dreamed it would look.

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