Composite Door

Advantages of composite doors

Composite doors in the UK are without doubt one of the most cost-effective choices that a homeowner can make. Your final decision will be based on your personal needs. It’s also important to weigh the weight of composite doors compared to other options like timber doors or uPVC.

Composite Door
Photo: Composite Door

Here are the top benefits of composite doors.

1. Durability

Composite doors are a great choice if you’re looking for a door that will last you a long while and require minimal maintenance. Composite doors can last up to 32 years without any maintenance because of the way they are made.

This is superior to the uPVC door which can last for around 20-25years with minimal maintenance. Timber doors’ durability can vary depending on what type of wood is used. Pine doors last for 20 years, while mahogany doors last up to 60 years.

Timber doors are more difficult to maintain than uPVC and composite doors.

2. Security

When purchasing exterior doors, security is a major consideration. The manufacturing processes of door and lock designs are constantly improving. In 2022, you can be confident in the options available to protect your home and family.

Composite doors offer security that is second to none. They are made from a mix of materials and can be up to twice as strong as uPVC doors. It is almost impossible to break a composite door.

Despite the fact that uPVC doors have become more durable over time, the doors’ styrofoam cores are considered much less sturdy than composite doors’ wooden internal frames. Although timber doors can be sturdy, they need more maintenance to maintain their security level.

There are many options for locks to suit all door types. The lock will determine whether burglars can break into your house. No matter what type of door you choose, it is important to invest in a high quality lock.

3. Style

There are many colours available for composite doors, with light green and black being the most in-demand shades in 2022. Composite doors are more durable than timber doors and don’t need to be repainted.

Composite doors can be made from multiple materials so they offer more style options. There are many styles to choose from, including modern and traditional designs that will suit your property’s period style.

There are many styles of uPVC doors, including uPVC French Doors and UPVC Stable Doors. However, these doors can also be used for more modern looks.

4. Value for money

You can find a range of prices for your door. These doors are priced from £550 to £2,500. It’s important to compare prices and shop around, because you might be missing out on a better deal. To help you find the perfect door, fill out this form. You will receive up to four free custom-made quotes.

Composite doors are more affordable than timber doors in terms of both the initial cost and the upkeep. Composite doors are more expensive than uPVC, however.

Composite doors are less energy-intensive than uPVC and will therefore save you money in the long term. Choosing uPVC will increase your chances of having to replace your front door sooner. Composite doors are less expensive than uPVC, but they are also more durable and more efficient.

You now know the key factors to consider when selecting the right composite door for your home. Now you can start your journey of comparison by getting free quotes from local suppliers. Comparing quotes will help you save money and ensure that you get the best price.

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