Candle light idea for decorating bathroom

Bathroom Renovation Ideas, Tips

Are you planning a house remodeling?

Well, then it is a good opportunity to renovate the bathroom as well which is otherwise not paid enough attention to.

Candle light idea for decorating bathroom

Bathroom designing is not as tricky as it seems. Often the thought of changing the entire layout, water and electric connections makes bathroom remodeling a distant dream but the temptation to renovate is hard to resist. So here are some tried and tested bathroom renovation ideas and tips that are easy to incorporate:

1. Chalk out the plan

Before starting with the renovation, plan the layout properly. If you don’t want it to be a DIY project you can seek the help of a professional as well. Because every corner of the house should be in sync and there should be parity. While planning a renovation do not overdo so the bathroom does not fit the entire feel and look of the house.

2. In-house spa

If you are ready to dedicate a bit more space for the bathroom then we have a great idea to provide! What is a better way to relax after a tiring day than having a spa? Spare a little more space for washroom so you can set up a bathtub, sauna steam, dim lights and some fancy towels bath machine and you are good to go. To enhance the spa-like ambience use some candles to decorate the washroom. Such an environment will help you relax.

3. Using space intelligently

If the space of the bathroom is less, then it should be well planned. Make optimum use of the available space. Shelves and cupboards are very useful for small bathrooms. They save a lot of space and make the bathroom look compact and organised. Also, cut the unnecessary crowding in the washroom. Store only the minimal requirements of the everyday.

4. Add some fun accessories

Why should the bathroom decor be boring and old? Bring some quirk to the bathroom decor by choosing pattern tiles for walls and colourful shower curtains. Floral patterns and motifs also look good on bathroom walls. They bring vibrancy to the otherwise dull look of the bathroom.

Mirrors are mandatory for any bathroom whether you want a classically styled bathroom or a contemporary designed one. There is a range of variety mirrors available that will raise the glamour of the washroom. Choose a mirror according to your preference and also something that will complement the decoration.

5. Wooden makeover

Nothing screams class as much as a wooden makeover whether it is the kitchen, bathroom or the entire house. A white background and wooden furniture is the best combination for a bathroom. Take a step further and add some colourful rug to give brilliant fishing to the decor.

6. Touch of green looks great

Plants are also great items for bathroom decoration. A touch of green will never go out of style. Also, plants are easy to get and low maintenance. Go mismatch with bathroom renovation design beautifies with some abstract art or abstract paintings.

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