Beach style bedroom photo by homedecorbuzz

Beach Style Bedroom Design Ideas

A vacation by the sea provides a much-needed break from our busy schedule. And, to be honest, such holidays are expensive and time taking. But, what if we tell you that all the fun of beach exploring is within your reach and you only need to sit back and relax?

Beach style bedroom photo by homedecorbuzz
Beach style bedroom photo by homedecorbuzz

Well, here are some great beach style bedroom design ideas to fulfill your longing for that dreamy beach vacation.

1. Wall Paint

Blue, the ocean colour is soothing and pleasant. The colour blue combined with white gives the perfect feel of a beach. You can also opt for patterns or texture. For creating an ideal beach look choose motifs representing ocean like corals, sea horses, fish, and shells. If you wish to put your own ideas, use the walls as your canvas for painting and scribbling.

2. Colourful and vibrant

Make the surrounding fun and interesting as a beach holiday! It is a notion that soft colours are ideal for the beach vibe. Ditch the regular and go for darker shades with sea life wallpaper to increase the glamour of the room as well as to enhance the beach feel.

3. Accessories

Sea beach represents nature while choosing accessories to decorate the room we can go for more wooden furniture. A worn-out finish will be the cherry on the top. For wall decoration, we can choose paintings portraying beach sports or sea life will be a unique idea.

Choose seashell furniture or driftwood accessories highlighting beach vibe. Coastal or coral reef print curtains combined with pastel shade wall paint will look marvellous. Impress your guests by including patterns and motifs on bed sheets and cushion covers.

4. A hint of red

A splash of red colour will generate life into the lifeless thing. Red symbolises energy and enthusiasm thus portraying the ‘vacay’ mood appropriately. A similar tone of the colour coral will also do justice to the bedroom creating a perfect cosy and comfortable ambience.

5. Go green

For bedroom décor, we can add seagrass that grows underneath. It will provide a green touch to the room. Inclusion of a wall garden in the bedroom also add a splash of green and will also enhance the beauty.

6. Themed bedroom

It is very easy to impress children and if it is something creative it’s a win-win situation for children. You can go for an ocean-themed kids’ bedroom. Children are all in love with vibrant colours and it is also the trait of a beach themed bedroom, casual but carefree pop hues. The sea-inspired bedroom will look bright and attractive and will surely win the children over.

7. DIY

With the use of shells, corals and with little effort and a touch of creativity we can produce unique things. Decoration with fishnet or a small shell adorned mirror is easy to make and will be treasured forever.

Along with these you can take an extra step and build an in house swing that completes the look and feel of the beach themed bedroom and bring home the magic of nature.

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