Purple bedroom design ideas by homedecorbuzz

Bedroom Renovation Ideas, Tips

Looking for ways to beautify your bedroom?

Well, no worries!

Bedrooms are generally big having enough space to try out new strategies and styles while renovating. If you are bored with your good old bedroom design then we have some exciting new renovation tips for you.

Purple bedroom design ideas by homedecorbuzz

1. Colour play

Changing wall colour is a big part of home renovation as well. Ideal colours change the entire look of the room more than any accessory or furniture can do. Warm colours are the best match for bedrooms giving it a cosy feel. If you are not into pastel shades opt for floral printed wallpapers. Textured wallpapers and motifs are also very much in trend and get an ideal makeover to the master bedroom.

2. Less is more

After a day’s hard work we seek peace and relaxation in our bedroom. So it is wise not to overcrowd the room with unnecessary accessories. So if you are going for a renovation first cut out the excess furniture. Avoid dramatic shades and too much ornamentation.

3. Reshuffling

For satisfying your aesthetics if you want to renovate the bedroom then reshuffling is a great choice. Change the organisation of the furniture and replace some old ones which seem out of place. Your room is as good as a brand new one!

4. Mini library

For the book worms the best way to indulge in a lazy afternoon is reading their favourite book sitting in the favourite corner of the house. No area is as comfortable as the bedroom. Make some sitting arrangements in the room and dedicate one side of the house for storing books. Turn that corner into a mini library of your dreams.

5. Vintage makeover

Give your ordinary bedroom a royal touch. Vintage design is best portrayed by wooden furniture and accessories. An antique lampshade, ornamented mirror, wooden rocking chairs, court hangers create a vintage look.

6. Wonders of nature

What better thing to incorporate as decorative items than flowers and plants? While planning renovation, opt for some green house plants. They are easily accessible and low maintenance. Leafy plants can give a beach vibe. The smell of fresh flower rejuvenates the soul and refreshes the mind.

7. Windows and doors

Their location cannot be changed but we can surely change their appearance. Vibrant coloured curtains or window covers can change the appeal of doors and windows. They will surely impress the guests.

8. Small bedroom renovation

Small rooms are tricky ones to plan properly. We need to arrange everything properly so that it does not feel claustrophobic. A folding day bed is what will be most useful and handy. Multipurpose furniture saves space and they are of great help for small bedrooms.

You can also add an element of quirk to your bedroom with funky accessories; but while renovating, make sure to maintain parity between the furniture and accessories. Many seem to avoid the ceiling colour but to bring unity ceiling must also be painted accordingly. Use these handy and helpful tips in your next venture!

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  1. Thank you for your tip about changing up the windows and doors during a bedroom renovation. After inspecting the newly purchased house I bought, everything seemed to be in good condition. However, the design of the house wasn’t anything to be impressed about, so I thought of doing some renovations. The windows and doors of rooms like the bedroom are pretty plain, so I’ll definitely start on those when I get a home designer to help me with my renovations.

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