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Best Tips for Hanging Halloween Decorations 2018

Halloween is that time of the year when the adults get into kid mode. It’s a fun time and a lot of enthusiasm is applied in hanging up the various ghoulish decorations, wreaths and lights. Since Halloween is right at the corner let us find out the essentials of hanging the decorations in our yard and windows.

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Hanging Halloween Decorations

Deciding on the placements

Decide on the decorations you are going to use. Divide the decorations into separate piles according to the area of placement. Like the decorations that would be hung in the yard, the porch or in the windows or in the living room. Then separate the ones which have a hanging chain or loop. The rest are to be hung creatively and need a special preparation.

Apparatus required for hanging the Halloween decorations

The first requirement is that of a step ladder. It should be sturdy and in good condition. Make sure that the legs are even. If you will be using in the yard do ensure that the ladder is placed on even ground.

If that is not possible use a large even board to balance the ladder, Next important requirement is for adequate number and position of wiring and electrical connections. It is advisable to get a secure electrical wiring to avoid shorts and fire hazards.

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A light hanging pole is also a good investment and can avoid the use of ladders in some places. It is very useful especially if you want to hang light strings in tree branches.

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Using zip ties

Invest in good quality zip ties. They are the most efficient and inexpensive means to tie a decoration or light strand to the deck ceiling, fences,  banisters, railings, trees and even ropes strung up for hanging the decorations. You can string ropes across the yard and use the zip ties to hold up the strings of the decoration. It is a good way to ensure that the strings are cleanly held and are tangle free.

Use multipurpose clips to the same purpose. You can buy these in attractive colours. If you use the old fashioned wooden ones, you can actually paint them black or silver to match your ghoulish decor.

Using S Hooks

Once your ropes are strung use light weight S-hooks to hang your nylon bats, ghouls and spooks in place. You may consider using double sided tape to tape down all the accessories . This way no unsightly tapes will be visible.  These S-hooks are reusable and can be handy in the house later too. Use finishing lines to prop up heavy decorations.

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hanging halloween decoration tips

Manage the cords and extensions

It is a good idea to keep wires and extension cords out of walkways. But at times you are left with no options. Make sure to tape down the offending cords to the floor with strong duct tape to avoid accidents.

Use a timer to control your on and off switch to your lights. You will be able to manipulate the timing when you want the lights on from the comfort of your house.

Do leverage your electric points. It reduces the chances of your lights blowing out due to heavy load on a single outlet.

Happy Trick-or-treating to you.

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  1. The hanging skeleton is actually so awful. It is incredibaly insensitive. Real people hang themselves. Do you think it would be right to have a decoration of a skeleton cutting its wrists open or overdosing. Because frankly it would pretty much be the same thing. I don’t understand why suicide should be something put as a decoration in someone’s house. This is the worst DIY I have ever seen.

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