Blue wall for home bedroom interior design

Blue Home Interior Design and Decoration Ideas

Every colour has its own significance. Our favorite colour reflects our personality. When it comes to our home decor and design colours play a very important role. A lot of planning goes into the design of a house as we seek only what is best for us.

Blue is the most familiar colour chosen by people for home interiors as the colour represents depth, trust, and stability. Visually it adds vibrancy to the environment of the house and brings calmness to our soul.

Blue wall for home bedroom interior design
Blue wall for home bedroom interior design

Psychologists say the colour blue has a positive impact on our mind. So here are some great ideas to decorate your interiors in blue:

1. Walls

The colour blue has a royal essence. If you are looking for a perfect wall colour, textured or pastel, a royal blue colour has no match. Contrast the elegant blue walls with white furniture like sofas to complete the look. Nothing looks classier than the combination of royal blue and white.

2. Colour coordination

The wide-stretched sky and the never-ending sea are all blue in colour. Blue represents vastness and purity. Complement the blue walls with blue accessories of your home like pastel blue curtains, pop coloured furniture and maybe a textured rug.

3. Choose from the wide range

Blue comes with all the variety. From the dramatic navy to the neutral sky colour. A hint of pop among pastel shades will do the magic. A bright lampshade or a photo frame against a pale wall will make a great combo.

4. Blue and floral

This versatile colour can match with nearly all other colour, and textures. Floral designs go hand in hand with blue. Blue shaded accessories will be best complemented by floral curtains, cushions and even rugs. A proper light will help the beauty of the room bloom.

5. Mood lifter

Spread positivity and happiness in every corner of your home. Use decorative flower plants in vibrant blue colours like hydrangea, European daisy, etc. They will surely lift up your spirit and make the ambience of the house better.

6. Rustic vibe

Increase the glamour of your bedroom or living room with hints of blue all around. A vintage lampshade or wall clock or artwork will be the perfect match. If you believe less is more it will serve your taste.

7. Blue velvet

Velvets were in fashion for a long time and again it is gaining its popularity. The velvet texture mixed with shades of blue creates unparalleled beauty.

How much is too much? This colour cannot be overdone. It has such a welcoming tone it will surely impress your guests. Not only the wall but the ceiling too can be painted with this eye soothing colour.

The beautiful blue ceiling will be best suited by an antique chandelier. If you have a knack for classic and want to go for a retro theme renovation then this is it! Blue is for serenity, Blue is for spiritual wellbeing. So try out these inspiring ideas and give a makeover to your home.

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