Confused about home decor designing

7 Challenges You may Face while Decorating Home

Decorating your house with your own ideas or with the help of interiors decorator, both the tasks are great in it. As everyone love to decorate his/her house. But decorating home is not easy task to do so and various shortcomings might come at the same time which you have to deal with.

Here are some of the challenges which usually faced by the decorator.

1. Confused about designing

Most of the time, you are confused about from where to start your task. It takes lot of time to understand to pick which area first. Thus it is always better to pen down all major tasks and start with which one is easier.

Confused about home decor designing

2. Project is left by other designer in mid way

If you are a designer of the house and somebody else had leave the work in between then you need to put on lots of energy to interpret the actual progress and finish the work. Maximum number of times, you are unaware of the actual planning of the previous designer and thus create a whole mess in designing the home. However, time is needed to finish the project with minimum alteration.

3. Keep all items for sentimental reasons

Sentimental is considered as one of the biggest hurdles that you have to overcome while recreating your house. Most of the time house members want to keep that particular piece as it is connected with their heart but they are not mix-match with the theme of the room. Rather than placing the whole collection in the room, keep one which is mandatory and else you have to say good bye to other items.

4. Tight budget

Budget comes at the primary set while designing your house as you have to move according to your pocket. So initially at the time of purchasing items keep the budget in mind and then spend accordingly. If you really had a very tight budget and you have to move ahead for designing your house, update only the small items that are necessary and fix up the rest so that they can be reused.

5. Addition of great features

You might find some of the features in your home that are next impossible to replace or even if you want to change it is bit expensive. This might include architectural features that are ceiling styles or the new layout of the room. These additions are great but hard to do.

6. Dealing with outdated cabinets and benchtops

Benchtops and cabinets are the biggest challenge and bit expensive. It is next to the biggest challenge when you are planning to change kitchen or bath room items. Replacing both the things is very inconvenient as it might consume time and money to reinstall and then again install appealing benchtops and cabinets.

7. Great colours and pattern that not at all disturb the size of the room

Room will look more occupied if you want to add furniture that does not fits the size of the room. This kind of situation generally occurs when the person switch from one place to another. You might be dealing with the same problem where the things are too large and disturb the actual size of the room and thus make it too cumbersome.

You can try to buy new furniture but if you have tight budget then replace the room of the furniture. Thus it won’t make your room burdensome now.

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