Choosing a Landscaping Design and Installation Contractor

Named after mountain man – Kit Karson, Nevada is one of US most beautiful states. With its semi-arid climate that spits out hot summers and cold winters, everyone tries to make the most of it during April till at least October, where the temperature sore to between 80 degrees and 103 degrees Fahrenheit.

With its lush open lands surrounding Lake Tahoe and Reno, Carson City is well known for its lush landscapes, beachfront and state parks. There is no lack of greenery. Mountains and rivers in this town. It’s no rarity, that houses here either have front or back yard or if you are lucky, both, to revel in and enjoy.


The popular choice of a lot its residents is to get landscaping done by a Carson City landscaping professional, as opposed to doing it yourself, saving you both time and money.

With everyone’s busy lifestyles and constant activities, not many people have the luxury of spending a weekend outdoors in their gardens, de-weeding and growing plants all day. As a result, a lot of the families have had landscaping companies do up their gardens once a year and then maintain it themselves going forward, till it needs a trim again.

A lot of landscaping companies will indeed charge you an exorbitant amount to get your garden landscaped. But this is not always the case. There are a few licenced professional and well-established companies out there, that are both insured and bonded, and have a huge amount of experience with clients from all walks of life.

It is always best to choose these types of companies, as opposed to putting your precious areas in the hands of amateurs and risk spending thousands of dollars and getting a shoddy job done.

If you’re wondering what processes are involved in this type of activity, read on to find out.

General Steps Involved in Landscaping Your Garden

Any decent landscaping service knows that to get the best outcome, you need to plan your space first, from concept right to completion, keeping the clients’ wants and desires at the heart of everything. So, what are these fundamental steps that need to be taken to achieve the desired result?

The initial stages: Before

  1. The client needs to research ideas for the overall look and feel, and come up with a few ideas to show the company. This can be done using magazines or the internet.
  2. An important thing the client needs to do is to complete an initial design questionnaire.
  3. The client will need to decide on a set budget, but also have room for extra just in case.
  4. Once all of the four above have been done by the client, then they need to contact the relevant company and arrange for a first meeting, to sit down and discuss the requirements by both parties.
  5. It is always advisable to meet with more than one contractor in this case, so you can decide which one fits your needs the best. Follow your gut or get recommendations from friends or family members who may have used them.
  6. At the meeting, the contractor will need to do a site evaluation.
  7. Once everything is done, both parties will go along their way and do their bit; using the information discussed, the contractor will go back and come up with a quote, plan and design for the overall space.
  8. After which there should be a meeting to review everything and put it down to paper, signed and agreed with by both parties. Take your time to decide what’s best for you and your home.
  9. Upon final approval, the work can begin.

Once the Project Has Begun: Middle

Now that the project has been approved, there are the second stages of work to be done. Items on the list will be things like demolition or any existing structures in your back yard, checking for proper drainage (in the case of water features), checks to make sure gas and electricity lines are left untouched, building of walls and planting of green spaces, trees and flowering plants, as discussed.

The Final Touches: After

Once everything in stage 2 is completed, then the final checks will be done by both the contractor and the client, to make sure everything is satisfactory. This is where the client comes back into the picture and does a final walk through with the professional to show them what’s been done.

Sometimes it may take a few months for everything to take, for instance, if you’ve got plants that have just been put in the soil and still need to bloom or trees that are still young and need to grow bigger for instance. The full effect will be seen once everything has flourished!

It can be a very satisfying thing to see once everything is completed and the degree of transformation can be a positive element in any home. Not to mention increase its resale value!

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