Modular tv unit for living room

Co-living houses vs hotels: Key things to consider

Co-living or communal living is a relatively new way of housing that is more integrated way of living. It is housing that has been redesigned to meet the needs of modern day life. Residents have their own bedrooms and sometimes even their own bathroom but share spaces like the kitchen and living room.

Modular tv unit for living room

Each occupant has his or her share in the expenses that are much lower than what they would ideally spend if they were living alone. Co-living goes far beyond shared expenses, in most cases it groups together people who may share the same interests or values.

The concept of renting or leasing a home is not new. Renting in modern times is much like the old days but now it is much more structured and has varying regulations depending on the city or state.

Key benefits of co-living

  1. There are no lease agreements or minimum stays, you can come and go as you please
  2. You will only pay for as long as you are staying
  3. You won’t need a security deposit
  4. You won’t need to pay agency fees
  5. The fees for utilities are included
  6. You will not need to worry about setting up water and/or internet contracts

Most, if not all, co-living spaces are fully furnished, so all you need when moving is your clothes. This eliminates the stress of unnecessary expenses during your move.

Difference between hotel stays and co-living spaces

  1. While both may be furnished well, you will be paying a higher fee if your hotel room has more amenities or features
  2. Hotels have more privacy as you are not sharing your space with anyone however, often you will be paying much more than you would for a co-living space
  3. The issue of loneliness may arise, especially if you are in a new city or town, living alone may not be the best solution. Co-living spaces give you the opportunity to live with other people, who may even share the same interests as you. These people can be locals or even people from across the world, and when you are not busy, you will have a chance to interact with them.
  4. Hotels usually have a minimum stay and you will be paying per night. Co-living lets you stay however long you want, without a minimum stay.
  5. Co-living lets you integrate with the community and be part of whatever is going on. You will live among the locals and have the opportunity of immersing in the city’s culture.


Hotels are a luxurious choice as you get your own private space, access to great facilities, wifi, laundry services, a hot shower and even breakfast. However, they are also a pretty expensive option. You will not have to share your space with anyone or interact with anyone. If you are looking for an extended stay option, this may not be the ideal solution as it can be quite costly to book a hotel for a month or more, even with their discounts.

The new trend

Millennials and older folk are find co-living to be quite beneficial, especially if they want to travel the world or simply relocate to another state. Nowadays people are not so thrilled with owning their own home as they are with enjoying experiences.

Co-living allows one to enjoy their experience of another city or state, without committing to anything. They can live and work as long as they want while enjoying perks like free internet, cleaning services, access to the gym and pool and many other cool paces. They can also enjoy meeting new people and beating loneliness while travelling.

You still get to experience privacy when you want, since you have your own bedroom, but you have people around you to remind you that you are not alone. You also get to enjoy the luxury of hotel style living with many great benefits at a fraction of the price you would normally pay at a hotel.

Co-living gives travellers the opportunity to meet with and connect with people that may be just like them, while they experience local living and have a chance to network with other nomads. The costs may vary from place to place but usually people pay less for longer stays. If you can get past sharing a space with strangers then co-living is ideal for you. It is ideally suited for those easy going, outgoing people who are after an authentic experience.

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