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Creative ways to announce your move to new house

Have you moved and want to announce it to your loved ones?

It is a good idea to send a small informative and fun message on this occasion: your loved ones will be happy for you and will write down your new address.

We have categorized the messages into different sections.

  1. First home
  2. Change of life
  3. Extended family
  4. Rack
  5. Need help move
  6. Classic
Beautiful home design
Beautiful home

1. First home

Here are some formulas to announce a key moment in your life: your brand new autonomy.

To the relief of my parents, I finally left the nest to take off! I start modestly with a broom cupboard but as it is at home, I feel like the king / queen! Address of my palace: number, street – postal code – city. My mobile number has not changed.

Finally I move into my first home! My new home will be like me: welcoming and open! So do not hesitate to come and congratulate me for this successful step by visiting me at number, street – postal code – city.

To the great despair of my parents, I decided to leave the family cocoon to spread my wings. Come encourage me in this step and console my parents during my housewarming which will take place day / month / year at number, rue – ZIP code.

2. Lifestyle change

Here are texts for those who are not content to change their address but have opted for a real change of life.

We have traded a two-room apartment in the city center for a house with a garden. The whole family wins: the children and the dog roll in the grass, Madame finally has her own bathroom and Monsieur sets up his workshop in Come see for yourself the benefits of this change by coming to the number, street – postal code – city.

Parisians for 20 years, we have had plenty of time to enjoy the beauties of the capital. It is therefore without regrets that we say goodbye to its museums, theatres and bistros that we hadn’t visited so much since the birth of our little monsters. We opted for other pleasures: the chirping of the birds and the pure air of the forest/mountain/sea. The good news is that we also gain in terms of accommodation, which will allow us to welcome you there. So book quickly the guest room of the number, street.

We loved living outdoors in our little house on the prairie, but those days are over. Professional change and the desire for change convinced us to return to a city lifestyle. We like our new address very much and feel very comfortable there. With your coming, we will be completely fulfilled!

3. The family is growing

The arrival of your baby motivated you to find larger accommodation: this is going to be pleasant to explain to those around you.

Our family is growing! To welcome its new VIP member as it should, our family moves to the number, street – postal code – city.

An extra room has become necessary for us: you can guess why! To get you started, here are a few clues: it’s not to open a sewing shop or to accommodate a friend. Soft colors are required for decoration!

Dear friends,

For some time now, we have been a little cramped in our home sweet home. With the arrival of the new kid / the last kid, we needed more space. Here is the address of our new apartment: street / postal code / city /. Will we soon have the pleasure of welcoming you there? We hope so anyway. Kisses and goodbye.

4. To invite to your rack

It doesn’t matter why you are moving: inviting your loved ones to a housewarming party in your beautiful home is necessarily a good idea. Here are texts to invite them.

We now live at the number, street – postal code – city. Come and help us put some life into this still too wise decor! We are open during the day / month from 2 pm. Kisses and see you soon.

We are happy to announce that we have put our suitcases in a new house. We have more space and even more cupboards to store our bazaar! We decided to take advantage of this impression of space (which will not last!) to have a great party. Meet the day / month at 7 pm at the number, street – postal code – city.

5. Need help moving

Sometimes it can be as pleasant as it is effective to ask the help of your loved ones to carry out the move while anticipating that the day will end on a friendly moment. It’s a bit of both in a rack and pinion move!


If you are available to lend me a hand, I move the day / month. Your help, like that of all friends, will be welcome! But if you are not free, it is not serious because the purpose of this card is mainly to communicate to you my new address. So, you’ll know where to come when you want to come have a drink at home. Kisses and goodbye!

PS: just in case, know that a drink and Helping with the move is entirely possible since the day of the move will end with pizzas and beers.

With a little help and a good atmosphere, the furniture will be lighter! So I’m counting on you to come and give me a hand the day / month. Until then, reserve your strength, I’m keeping boxes of books just for you!

6. Classic

Dear friends,

We are happy to inform you of our new address. Our house is open to you and we hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you soon! Kisses and goodbye.

I changed houses but one thing has not changed: my legendary hospitality. So take note of my new address so you can quickly come and see me.


Finding the best change of address announcement message might be a stressful task. Hope these ideas will help you sending your friends and family a heartwarming message that will force them to fly at your new address during the day of the party.

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