How to design kitchen perfectly to host guests

Designing a Kitchen That’s Perfect for Hosting Guests

When it comes to designing rooms in your home, often we think about how our comfortable it can make us and the types of things we would like to hand. What doesn’t always make it to the list of things to consider is how good our space is for hosting guests or holding gatherings.

If you are someone that doesn’t tend to have people over, then having a few spare chairs available will suit you fine. However, if you are someone that likes to have a big party or gathering now and then, having a space versatile enough to cope should be an important aspect to incorporate.

How to design kitchen perfectly to host guests
How to design kitchen perfectly to host guests

What to Include

Before you begin the plans of how you’d like your kitchen to look, make a list of the important characteristics you’d like your kitchen to have, things that need to be included no matter what. Following this list, make a list of the types of things you’d like to have but aren’t a necessity and finally, a list of the things that would be a bonus but can be left off when the budget or space runs out.

The types of kitchen feature you might consider include; increased side space or a middle kitchen island, wine rack or storage, double sink, built-in speakers, pull out chairs or benches, ice maker and/or built-in appliances.

Using the Space

The best spaces for hosting often have scalability, in which they can be added to, to accommodate extra persons or made cosier for those quiet evenings including just the family. Pull out benches and fold out chairs with a pillow or two can be a great way to offer extra seating without compromising on floor space when you aren’t entertaining.

Open kitchen design ideas for luxury villa
Open kitchen design idea inspiration

Alternatively, if you’ve got a particularly large room with an open-plan kitchen, incorporating a folding room divider is a great way to open up or close down the space depending on your needs. If you are concerned about fitting everything into your new kitchen, don’t forget that walls and cupboard doors can also be used as storage.

Magnetic knife racks clear the side of bulky knife holders, magnetic spice tins can be affixed to the fridge or a metal cupboard door. Shelves with hanging hooks can be used to store utensils and mugs, freeing up important drawer and counter space and bins attached to the inside of cupboards to clear the floor.

Hanging baskets are also a great way of storing food, such as fruit and vegetables, in an easy to access place and can be placed under cupboards, on the back of doors or on the inside of cupboards.

Classic white and black kitchen design idea
Classic white and black kitchen design idea

When it comes to storing glasses, wine and champagne glasses can be space-stealing pieces of tableware. While you could keep them in their own cabinet or with other glasses, for a space-saving measure, consider installing a stemware rack underneath wall-mounted kitchen cupboards. They fit all stemmed glasses, such as the classically designed LSA Wine Glasses and look fantastically classy while saving you room for those extra plates.

Should space still be a premium in your kitchen design, it might be worth investing in the new trend of collapsible table and kitchenware, offering everything from colanders and measuring cups to meal storage containers and even a collapsible kettle!

Consider the Atmosphere

When you are hosting a party or gathering, you want a good atmosphere to help your guests feel settled. Incorporating music and mood lighting is the perfect way to achieve this, consider including built-in speakers or extra ceiling lights when designing your kitchen.

Amazing lighting for kitchen design
Amazing lighting for kitchen design

There are plenty of smart bulbs that let you change the colour of all the bulbs in a room or consider using under cabinet lighting if you would rather keep your ceiling lights simple.

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