Paint wooden dining table to give it a makeover

DIY Ideas For A Dining Table Makeover

Have you ever felt like some change is needed for your dining table?

Do you want your favorite place to eat look the best among others?

Well, dining tables play a very important role in our everyday lives. It is perhaps the only place where ALL of your family members sit together and spend time.

Then why would you let it look boring and old when you could make it look super new and fabulous?!

No way, when you can take things in your own hands and stir some magic with innovation. To guide you with some fabulous tips, here are some of the coolest DIY makeover ideas for your dining table.

5 Do It Yourself (DIY) Ideas For A Dining Table Makeover

1. Paint it

If you notice, a lot of re-created tables have come into being by getting painted. Since most dining tables are made of wood, it gets easier to paint them. You could use lighter paint colors to make it look new but make sure you take care of it later in the days since light colors need more attentive minds for maintenance.

Paint wooden dining table to give it a makeover

You could use white, black or any other color that matches the dining room decor – and YES you can create it quirky with hand-paintings too!

2. Change the chair pillows

If your dining chairs have comfy cushions attached, then, well, you are in very good luck. Or even if you do not, you could use some cushions.

Cover the cushions up in a new cushion cover – maybe handmade, and put it on the chairs’ surface or get it attached to it. This might or might not be a contrast with your walls or table. More colors lead to more brightness, and you’re free to choose!

3. Draw, write and doodle!

That’s right! If you have a wooden table and you do not have the accessibility to paints or do not want it painted, try something more old school – you could be the artist of your own.

Take down dark lead pencils and draw your imagination on the table top. You could write a few foodie quotes, or draw some funny food doodles. It is your table, your pencil, and your imagination, make it worth it! You could take ideas from the internet or randomly stencil a few personalized patterns.

4. Add props

There are so many things or props you could put on the table and make it look fancy or classic, depends!

You could keep a basket of fruits or candle stands or juice jugs and glasses, spoon-fork stand and even a few books aside if you have a big dining table. You could gift your dining table with new sets of plates and bowls and along with that, you could also place a few platters to enhance its aesthetics.

5. Use a pretty covering

There is a fine way to make your table look inviting and clean without much ado; table runners.
You could easily get it in the market, cheap or costly. Putting table runners or table mats not only makes it look clean but also classy.

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