Ways to Make an Assisted Living Room

Easy Ways to Make an Assisted Living Room Feel Like Home

If your living situation has changed and you find yourself residing in an assisted living dwelling, you can make your room feel like home. There are many benefits to residing in an assisted living facility such as not needing to cook for yourself and having nutritious meals available three times a day.

And you can always bring some of your favorite possessions to your new home. It is possible to make your room feel cozy and cheerful much like the apartment or house you lived in before.

Ways to Make an Assisted Living Room
Ways to Make an Assisted Living Room

Below we outline the key steps you can take to make your assisted living room  feel like home.

Decorate your doorway

You can make your new home look happy and cheerful by decorating your doorway based on your particular personality. Add a colorful wreath to the front of your door and put up some pictures or photos.

You can even make a wreath as a craft project with your grandchildren. Taking some time to decorate your doorway will make your new room feel like home.

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Add some silk flowers to your room

Another great way to brighten up your room is to add some vases filled with silk flowers. Due to allergens, real flowers may not be advised in assisted living situations.

If you have a nice table on the side of your room, put some vases with silk flowers in the center of it. You can choose a multitude of colors for your flowers including red, orange, yellow, or purple. This will brighten up your room and give it a cheery look!

Bring in some of your favorite furniture and possessions

Do you have a favorite chair or couch seat that you just cannot part from?  If so, bring it with you to your new assisted living facility. You can also bring some colorful pillows to add to your new bed or chair.

If you own a warm and cozy blanket, bring it with you too! If you have a favorite photo album or some books you want to bring, ask to have a bookshelf put into your room.

So please remember that you can always make your assisted living area feel like home. All you need to do is to decorate your door, add some silk flowers to the room, and bring in your favorite furniture and possessions. Decorating your room will make it look cheerful and happy for years to come.

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