Garden Fencing

Garden Fencing Ideas Tips

Is renovation of home on your mind lately? Then it’s high time you give your garden a makeover too.

Whether you want to protect the mini park you built in your garden or to protect it from the sneaky neighbours, fencing is a must. And why not go for fencing if the appearance of your garden can become so stylish!

Garden Fencing
Garden Fencing

Here are some different styles of fencing you can give a try.

  • Regular point wooden fencing: The most common type fencing perfect if you live in a healthy neighbourhood. The gaps between the planks provide enough space so the outside view is not entirely blocked. Though it is not ideal for giving the highest protection to the carefully built-up garden these provide support to the plants and helps protect your dear plants from pets of neighbours! These can be installed with the help of carpenters or as a DIY challenge.
  • Material: If a toddler is around or an over-enthusiastic pet, then probably going for a fully covered fence is the best idea. Be it concrete, wooden or an iron fence. The sharp edges of the iron fence are not ideal for kids or pets thus the height of the fence should be considered. If the neighbourhood is not very friendly or safe then the iron fencing is quite the best idea to be safe from theft or impending damage that can be caused to the plants.
  • Ropes and timber: A rope fence may not be much protective but they are easy to install by oneself and low maintenance. Generally, these are used to mark the territory or boundary. Fence made up of rope and timber creates a unique rustic vibe and increases the appeal of your garden.
  • Colours: Be it the renovation of home or garden the colour plays an important role. The colours are a reflection of your personality. Do not shy away from using colours in the fence to your heart’s delight. A natural wood finish looks classy and sophisticated. Consider choosing colours that complement your personality and overall theme of the home.
  • Something pocket-friendly: If you want to opt for budget-friendly fencing try out steel. As they are low cost and low maintenance. These are long-lasting is proper care is taken and also environment-friendly.
  • Stylised fences: For a change go for mini fences that are made up of bamboo that makes your garden stand out and give a stunning look. These bamboo fences can be shaped the way we want. So we can create a personalised unique look for our garden.
  • Arches: Arch shaped gateways and fences are great for supporting the trees and plants. The colourful decorative plants look attractive and vibrant when they grow on the arches. The structure of the arches is sometimes made up of stones that help to create a royal, castle-like ambience.

Fences are multipurpose but most importantly their duty is to present your good old garden in a new manner. Select fences according to your preference!

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