Grey Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Cabinets, Photos

Best Grey Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Cabinets, Photos

Grey is a very unconventional color for a kitchen. The colour negates the age old tradition of using warm colors for the kitchen. It’s a pleasant color mixed up of white and black to give a peaceful attraction to eyes.

“The feel of Grey as a colour is cold and edgy. It is an elegant but stark colour that needs a skilled designer to make the kitchen space look inviting. The appeal of grey as a neutral and clean colour is increasing day by day”, Says interior decorator Sarah Smith.

Grey Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Cabinets, Photos
Grey Kitchen Designs, Ideas, Cabinets, Photos

Grey Kitchens Design Idea

And it is true that grey easily blends with white and black and comes alive with splashes of vivid colours to create stunning effect.

Awesome white-grey kitchen interior design
Awesome white-grey kitchen interior design

United Kingdom’s In-Toto Kitchens brings some extra-ordinary kitchen designs with fantastic features like storage solutions, drawer interiors, lighting and much more while decorate kitchen. If we closely observe the below white-gray kitchen, we’ll find how beautifully color combos are used for wardrobes, countertop and walls.

Modern Gray-white kitchen design
Modern Gray-white kitchen design

“Grey is an excellent colour to use in a warm and tropical climate as it has a cooling tendency, but not a colour to use in typically cold and gloomy climes. Use it wisely to suit the elements of the area’s climate, and you have a winner on your hands”, opines Mitchell Watson from Indiana interiors.

Beautiful grey kitchen photos
Beautiful grey kitchen

Using Grey as the base colour in your kitchen

Grey is the colour to go to if you do not want white to be the primary color in your kitchen. Lighter grey can be an excellent foil to starker whites and can create a cool and elegant vibe in your kitchen. The transition from a white floor and ceiling to a warmer grey wall color can be seamless.

Latest gray kitchen design trends.
Latest gray kitchen design trends

Grey marble or granite can be the color used for the countertops, flooring and cabinetry while the walls can be painted a pop shade like hot pink or yellow to create a fantasy kitchen.

Grey kitchen decorating ideas by homedecorbuzz
Grey kitchen decorating ideas

The wall paint can be easy to change with the whimsy of the home maker, making it affordable to create new looking kitchens more often. It can also be a quick pick me up makeover if you are staging a house for sale.

Elegant gray kitchen decorating ideas.
Elegant gray kitchen decorating ideas

Colour pairings with Grey

Grey has a chilly and austere property and is definitely not as easy to work with as its warmer alternatives in neutral shades like tan or beige. The magic happens when we team it with warm materials such as wood or even if we contrast it with warmer shades of bold and warmer hues like blue, red, yellow or even red or neon in small doses.

Best grey kitchen interior design.
Best grey kitchen interior design

Wooden flooring and cabinets in naturally warm tones with undertones of blonde, cherry or brown work well with grey walls. Pops of bold colours like lime green and hot pink in glass fronted cabinetry can look eclectic and contemporary.

English country grey kitchen idea
English country grey kitchen idea

The twist of English country can also be applied for a grey kitchen decor in which large window will make the space delightful with amazing wood cabinets.

Grey-white open kitchen design inspiration
Grey-white open kitchen design inspiration

Mercury silver is essentially a silvery shade of grey and can look great with darker greys, pale yellow and black. Accents of turquoise will lift the color scape immediately.

Grey kitchen interior design pictures by homedecorbuzz
Grey kitchen interior design pictures

This is a good colour scheme for smaller kitchens, while darker greys can be used with warm colors to bring together a larger kitchen.

Lovely gray kitchen design.
Lovely gray kitchen design

Having white wall oven installation and white color countertop with dinning table can steal the show of grey ceiling and LED lighting. Flowers on the countertop and orange color storage wardrobe will make the space beautiful.

White cabinet wall for grey kitchen decor
White cabinet wall for grey kitchen decor

Essential tips for maintenance

Grey is a clutter free color. It is minimalistic in nature. We should be careful that the kitchen is scrupulously clean and clutterfree. A crowded kitchen will not let the colour shine.

Go ahead and plan your grey kitchen and enjoy the great reviews!

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