Ideas and tips to clean a mirror at home

How to Clean a Mirror at Home

Mirrors are easily noticeable if dust or junk builds up on the surface. Especially, mirrors which are placed in bathroom or close to the bathroom tend to have layer of toothpaste, hairspray or other consumer items used in the bathroom.

The situation can even worse if you use hard water. So, here are easy ideas on how to clean a mirror and thus help you to isolate difficult deposits and pre-treating spots on the mirror.

Ideas and tips to clean a mirror at home
Ideas and tips to clean a mirror at home

 4 Easy ways to clean mirror

1. Wet the surface of the mirror

Gently apply the warm water on the mirror to make the area wet. You can use clean cotton rugs or microfiber cloth. Place a bucket aside that contains your cleaning solution, dampen it in the bucket and apply on the mirror.  It is good to use distilled water rather than tap or regular water, even use the same water for diluting the cleaning solution.

The minerals present in the tap water leave behind streaks and thus all your hard work will be spoiled. If edges of the mirror have paint impressions then do not wet that area as the paint can come out easily. But if the edges are made up with steel or any other material which cannot be destroyed or create rust with water, then clean that area with solution as well.

2. Fold microfiber cloth for edges

Pick your microfiber cloth and fold it half horizontally and then vertically. Thus when you use it, you can see one side of the cloth piece is dirty and further you can use the opposite side to clean.

Also, if the both sides are dirty now then use the same procedure as you did early but make sure to turn off the cloth piece this time. It is not necessary to use only microfiber cloth but you can also use soft cloth or bar towels.

3. Clean your mirror from all side

If your mirror has any kind of cracks or contour then pay attention in that area. Such area can easily be filled up with dirt or grim and it is easily visible as well. Clean your mirror from top to bottom to remove dirt marks. Edges or toothpaste stains can easily be cleaned with cotton swabs.

Make sure not to wipe the mirror in circular motion, always use up and down motion at the time of cleaning. After cleaning up the mirror, stains will be seen so better wipe up in up and down motion.

4. Change the angle view to make sure that mirror is properly clean

To verify the cleanliness make sure to change the viewing angle of the mirror. Thus, change in the perspective might reveal the dirt area that you missed up while cleaning down your mirror. Observe your mirror from different angles and spot the dirt area. If you still find any dirt area, apply small proportion of solution on the cotton rug; gently clean the spot and dry up that area.

Repeat the process at least twice if the same mirror you are using since years. Also, use the process at least twice or thrice a month. Mirror reflects your personality, clean up to avoid disturbance at the time of makeup, tooth brush your teeth in morning or to look upon your face every morning to enhance the love with yourself.

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