Best white-green kitchen decor

How To Decorate Home Interior In Green Color

Pure green is considered unconventional by many when it comes to home décor. But interestingly, shades of green are quite favorite among the interior designers for being subtle and expressive.

From light and pop shades like lemon green to dark shades, it has a variety to suit all occasion and purpose. Green has a unique charm. It is stylish as well as elegant.

Best white-green kitchen decor
White-green kitchen decor

Here are some ideas to go green with your home interiors!

1. Walls

Nothing can be better than a green wall combined with wooden floors. It gives a rustic vibe and a cozy treehouse-like ambience for children. Everything from family photo frame, antique lampshade will look beautiful against a dark green wall. If you go for a pattern or green textures wallpaper, keep the accessories minimal and in pastel shades to maintain the balance.

2. Go green

Adding a natural green hue is way more useful than using artificial colors. Decorative flowers plants are the most common decoration. Try the new concept of indoor wall garden, it reinforces the idea of ‘less is more’. They look natural and effortless. Apart from increasing the beauty, they are also a visual treat.

3. Accessories

The material velvet enjoys a great demand and signifies class and sophistication. The color green and velvet makes a great pair and it is combined with white it creates a royal aura. Dark green velvet sofas can be matched with white walls. Whether it is cushions, chairs or blanket, a velvet touch will look elegant.

4. Touch of green

A subtle touch of olive green in curtains and rugs will increase the glamour of the interior. A pastel shade of olive green will create wonder on the wall. Only a hint of green can turn the ordinary into exclusive. For a change, you can ditch the normal curtain and go for a green window blind. The soothing color will create a peaceful atmosphere all around.

5. Backyard

Use that extra space that is left unused for a long time. Renovate your backyard as and create your personal reading room. Book lovers find solace in alone time and greenery. The fun of reading a book is doubled if there is a chance to be close to nature. Cover the place with artificial turf and make some sitting arrangement including a swing and you are good to go. It will be a reader’s paradise.

6. Room Decor

Green polka dot or floral which provide a contemporary touch to the interior. Polka dots are very much in trend nowadays. Similarly, green tiles also look stunning on the wall if matched with appropriate accessories. A green and golden combo can be tried for experimenting with the look. Golden mirror or a vintage wall clock will do justice to the green tiles.

7. Pop colors

For children’s room, the ideal colors are pop and vibrant shades of green. The color will channelize a lot of energy into them. The color green also has the power to help children concentrate. It has a good impact on the mind. The color green never fails to impress.

What are your thoughts on decorating a green home?

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