Pink and gray kitchen interior design ideas

How to design a Pink and Gray Kitchen

The feel of the kitchen changes subtly with the proportion of the colours used in tandem.  A large airy and well lighted kitchen can afford to have slight fussy touches like pink ovens, stoves, cabinets and chimney. These overtly pink touches can be balanced with a dark gray wall and charcoal gray floor.

The feel of a gray and pink kitchen

“Pink and gray is a classic combination in interior design”, says Pooja Bagri of Bagri Interiors. “You cannot go wrong with in any variation the feel is going to be calm, soothing and soft,’ Gray is a neutral colour that is soft and soothing. It combines well with pink, not letting the feminine overtones dominate the décor. It is a fun colour combination and can create a colour scheme which is cheerful and fun.

Ways to design pink and gray kitchen

“Pink and gray can come together to create a very classically traditional look. On the other edge of the spectrum darker shades of pink and pearl gray hues can make for an edgy look.

Shades of gray and pink

Think of a soft pearl gray paint on the walls of your kitchen teamed with dark dusty cabinets, a dark pink granite countertop and charcoal gray floors. The look can be enhanced with dark gray appliances, a silver gray stove, and appliances in silver or smoky gray.

Pink and gray kitchen interior design ideas

The smaller kitchen can be envisioned with light pink paint accented with gray to make the most of the available natural light, Dark gray cabinets with glass fronts to create an illusion of space and free form dark gray shelving adds a touch of elegance. You can use a patterned gray and pink tile on the wall for a similar style statement.

Smaller spaces can be treated as focal points and a hot pink shade can be used as a back splash to liven up your gray and pink kitchen. Both the colurs are very versatile, going from retro to edgy in a heartbeat. Dove gray walls, dark gray textured cabinets with pink granite countertops, paired with dark gray marble flooring shot with pink veins can be set off with a hot pink refrigerator or chimney to great effect.

Accents of pink or gray

The kitchen can be predominantly pink or gray depending on your choice. The other colour can be added as accents to create a toned down colour scape. If your kitchen is largely pink, you may think of adding a gray backslash which is reflected in a textured dark gray floor. Accent with a monochrome print on the wall and you have a stunner on your hands.

Conversely a gray kitchen’s innate drabness can be countered with a few splashes of bright pink. A bright pink rug, a pink island or even a single chair, the list is endless. Pink accents uplift the energy of the kitchen immediately.

As long as your kitchen is not too fussy or cluttered this colour combination will be in sync. Go ahead and use the colours judiciously and enjoy your chic and attractive kitchen.

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