Small garden design

How To Design A Small Garden?

Gardening is an enriching hobby that can bring you closer to nature and give peace of mind. It is a myth that gardening requires a lot of space like a big yard or a spacious patio. A beautiful garden on a tiny courtyard or a balcony or a small patio can make your home equally beautiful. A small garden is low maintenance and quite easy to design with a little planning.

Small garden design
Photo: Small garden design

Designing a smaller garden may need a little more preparation than for a large, spacious one, but it can turn into your own little paradise once you are done. So here are some tips to design a tiny but elegant outdoor garden.

Small Garden Design ideas

1. Use the vertical space

For a small garden, using the vertical space or the walls for planting climbers can free the ground space to be utilised for planting or seating. You can create a living wall by placing potted plants and creepers on a wooden pallet and covering it completely with those. You can use hanging baskets and window boxes to create an idea of space by attracting the eye upwards.

2. Paint in white

If you have a walled yard, paint it in white as lighter hues create an illusion of space. Also, a coloured theme can be created by matching outdoor furniture with the walls.

3. A mini greenhouse

An old glass cabinet can be recycled to serve as a tiny greenhouse for growing plants by placing it in a sunny spot in your outdoor garden. It will save a lot of space and also help your saplings to grow.

4. Potted plants for nooks and corners

Potted plants can save a lot of space in a small garden and can be fitted into nooks and corners. You can plant flowering plants, herbs, and some vegetables. Planters can be moved easily and available in different heights and sizes to create a layered appearance.

5. Shelves on walls

You can add shelves on the walls of your small yard to place saplings and small plants in pots. This will create a nice decor and also free up some ground space to add more plants.

6. Sleek furniture

When buying outdoor furniture for your small garden, carefully determine their purpose so that they do not occupy a lot of space and lay unused. Sleeker materials like wicker or rattan furniture can be ideal for outdoors. They are lightweight and stylish.

7. Small trees

Trees create a lush green environment which makes your garden complete. For your small garden, dwarf trees can fit in perfectly. If you love bigger trees, plant them sparingly so that they have enough space to grow without crowding the space.

Maintaining small trees is not an easy job. To make it easier, there are several tree service providing companies like to give owners much relief for maintenance.

8. A curved walkway

A curved walkway is clever and beautiful, especially for a tiny garden. A curved path disappearing into the horizon can make it look like a mysterious wonderland.

9. Proper lighting

Lighting is important to make your garden more beautiful. Dedicated lighting for smaller plants and the water features and at different heights can illuminate the space beautifully. Also, you can add lights at ankle level to make the whole place brighter.

There’s a huge room to explore when it comes to landscape lighting even for small spaces. Figure out the mood you want to achieve for your garden. Find this lineup of lights for paths, walls, deck steps, and more. Consider the fixtures’ durability, maintenance, and finish. Ultimately, you want your outdoor space to look beautiful at night and remain safe for you and your visitors.

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Try these tricks when designing the small garden for your home and watch it transform into the little slice of heaven you always wished for.

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