Make living room attractive before selling house

How To Effortlessly Keep A Clean House

The key to keeping a spotless house is doing these simple things every day, so clutter and mess never get out of your control ever again. From what you ought to clean first thing in the morning to a 2-minute chore to do before bed, these tips will help to keep a perfect house and have your house look its best throughout the week.

Make living room attractive before selling house

Make Your Bed

As the most noticeable body in the bedroom, a messy bed makes the entire room look chaotic. In case wrapping up sheets isn’t your thing, change to a duvet with a removable cover that you can wash every week – all you need to do is just pull it up and, voila, your bed’s clean. Need more motivation? Notice how making your bed every day had a positive effect on you the whole day.

Wipe Sinks and Faucets

Toothpaste splatters and hairs in the bathroom sink look awful. If you let the waste stay for too long you might get clogged drains and then it’s time for plumbing services to take charge.

Keep a container of sanitising wipes under your sink, so they’re conveniently available. Wipe the sink bowl and tap after you’re finished preparing for the day. If you don’t want to waste money on commercial wipes you can also make them at home with an old towel or a t-shirt.

Empty your Dishwasher Everyday

If you empty the dishwasher routinely, it’ll help keep the house clean at all times because there won’t be a load of dirty dishes on the counters or shelves. If you’ve gotten in a habit of doing this every day you realise it just requires 5 minutes and a little motivation. Do it while the coffee is brewing or while your kids get ready for school.

Tidy Up After You Cook

Messy counters and dirty shelves draw in house pests and make your kitchen look horrendous. Since you previously emptied your dishwasher, you can quickly stack dishes after dinners or snacks and afterwards wipe your counters clean. This task doesn’t include moving everything. Throw away any leftover waste, then water sprays it and cleans around the rest.

Do a Load of Laundry Daily

It’s life-changing if you start doing laundry every day. Pop a pile of laundry in before you head out for work. Or then again, assuming that your washing machine has a delay cycle feature, set it to run just before you return home. Move washed garments to the dryer after you’ve had dinner, then fold them during advertisement breaks on TV. Taking care of one pile of clothes every day takes no time.

Use Doormats

The less dirt that follows inside, the less regularly you’ll have to clean your floor. Keep it out of your home with mats at every door that leads outside. Vacuum them regularly or just shake them outside every once in a while. Extra mats outside the door from your garage will trap much more dirt and debris.

Take Your Mess With You

Try not to leave yourself additional work to do the next day. After an evening of Netflix, movies and snacks, fix the cushions and covers on the couch. Take your popcorn bowl and empty bottles to the kitchen and put them in the dishwasher right away, not the sink.

Have your friends and family help and do the same with you. Two minutes spent resetting your living room prepares it for you to enjoy the next whole day.

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