Plants, flowers enhance beauty of dining room

How To Make A Dark Dining Room Brighter

Dining rooms are notoriously difficult to get right when it comes to interior design. While can have a clear idea for a kitchen, a lounge or a bedroom, ideas for the dining room can be few and far between. After all, what can you really do with a room that simply has a table and chairs?

Well, make it beautiful. That’s what you can do. If you’re struggling to think up an interesting design for your dining room, simply take a step back and think about the aesthetics. You don’t have to change it up an awful lot. Just little changes here and there can be done to make it a place that feels warm, inviting and luxurious. That’s all that a dining room needs to be.

Plants, flowers enhance beauty of dining room
Photo: Plants, flowers enhance beauty of dining room

Most of the time, these little changes come down to the lighting. One of the biggest issues with dining rooms across the country is that they were even under-appreciated during the house design itself!

For this reason, it’s often the lounge and the kitchen – the two hubs of the house – where there is good natural light. Working out the lighting, then, can be enough to update your dining room and give it a strong, welcoming presence without having to think about a specific design at all.

With this in mind, here are three steps to make your dark dining room brighter and ensure it’s an enjoyable room to be in at the same time:

Candles Always Work Best

When we’re talking about comfort, warmth and luxury, you can’t do much better than candles. These are often utilised in dark dining rooms, mostly to take advantage of the dim light and create a glowing, almost restaurant-esque atmosphere.

Collect a number of candles and place them around the room – or, if you haven’t the space to utilise several candles, simply use a silver candlesticks to emit the most light —  and you will find your dining room feels far more cosy and inviting as a result.

Strip Lighting Can Add Alternative Tones

One of the most popular 2023 dining room trends comes in the inclusion of strip lighting as well as overhanging bulbs. Strip lighting – going from one corner of the room all the way around – can allow you to dictate the tone and atmosphere you are going to create with just a flick of a button.

They also just add something a bit different, brightening your dining room whilst also creating a unique, fun atmosphere that is unlike anywhere else in the house.

Mirrors To Reflect The Light

Lastly, you don’t have to add more light if you want to make your dining room brighter. Mirrors are a great way to do it, especially if you have two on either side of the wall, reflecting the light back at each other.

Mirrors can also give your dining room that luxurious look, especially with gold-leaf frames or richly-coloured wood. Sometimes, simple things like this can be the best option to help your dining room brighten up and find its own personality in the process!

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