How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets like a Pro

Bathroom cabinets are a great addition to your bathroom in order to place the stuff that is utilised in bath room. If you want to paint the bathroom cabinets in various designs to give a beautiful look to your bath room, there are steps can be of help. You can add wooden vanities in your bath room that will serve as a “wow” factor to your bath room space.

You can paint the wooden vanities with little bit of motifs to make it more appealing. Also, rather than painting the complete cabinets, you can just paint them at edges or design some polka dots in between to give them a new look. Here are steps that give you vanities a new look and turn your bath room into a great look.

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets

Tips to paint bathroom cabinets

1. Before starting remove all drawers, doors and hardware

If your bath room is small then there might be hardly one or two cabinets that are installed. In such a case, you can easily accomplish the task within a day. If your bath room space is large, along with addition of numerous cabinets then remove all drawers, doors and hardware and place them in plastic pouches.

Make each different pouch for every vanity so that it won’t consume your time at the time of installation. You can also mark some symbols on pouches and cabinets to indicate where the stuffs comes from. Then dip all accessories in warm soap water and place them for at least half an hour.

2. Sand paper and clean cotton cloth

Scrape up all peeling off paint from all doors and drawers. To give smoothness to the surface, apply sand paper on the exposed surface of the vanity. You can easily remove dry dirt or sand by using vacuum cleaner and wiping up surface with cotton cloth.

3. Use taps to protect walls and floors

If the cabinets are placed in a manner that touches wall, add painters paint to protect the walls. Also, apply them on the edges of the wall so that at the time of painting the splashed paints won’t spoil them even if they come in contact with the vanity.

4. Apply prime on the surface

Before starting up to paint the cabinets of bath room, apply at least 2 coats of primer to the drawers, doors and cabinet. Especially use water based primers and it would hardly take two hours to dry up.

5. Actually designing starts here

After making up the proper base of your bath room cabinets, select the colour you want to apply on cabinets itself. You can also select the semi-glossy paints on the cabinets, so that it can easily be cleaned and dirt can be removed.

You should apply at least two coats to eliminate any changes in color. Also, if you do not want to paint your wooden vanity just give white paint on the base and make some designs with the help of paint brush on it. The designs can be of stripes, polka dots or splash of your favorite color. Select the colour in contrast with the theme of bathroom.

6. It’s time to reassemble everything in their original position

After paint, if you do not have any tight budget then you can replace old drawers pulls and door handles with new one and stylish as well. Make sure to dry up your cabinets first from paints then install all drawers, doors and hardware.

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