Green and yellow color sofas for living room.

How to Pick the Perfect Upholstery Fabric for Your Sofa

The material of your sofa’s upholstery matters a lot because if you choose the wrong kind, you will be combating unsightly stains and annoying snags. If you make a mistake on the colour or pattern, the whole look of your room will suffer, and you might be forced to have it reupholstered or buy another one.

Green and yellow color sofas for living room.

What a waste! Before you buy the fabric sectional couch that you’ve been eyeing for your family room, read on to find out what you should consider when making fabric choices so you will be happy with your sofa for upcoming years.

Be Very Practical

When you are choosing the fabric of your couch, let your practical needs supersede other considerations. Let your lifestyle guide you on choosing the right material. After all, how you live your life has a significant impact on the longevity of the fabric.

As an example, a luxurious velvet loveseat in pastel pink may tickle your fancy, but if you have children or pets, this will get demolished very quickly. Always keep in mind that the sofa you place in high-traffic areas like your family room will need durable textile that can handle the wear and tear.

Check How It Will Age

Most people who shop for fabric sofas forget to consider how leather or fabric may age over time, especially if the furniture is near a window. Be sure to read the instruction manual and verify the fabric content so you can research how this upholstery will look in five or ten years.

For instance, real leather develops a patina over time, so your natural tan couch may turn into a darker shade. In the same token, your flower printed couch could fade and lose its vibrancy through the years.

Consider Who Will Use It

A house full of kids and pets needs a forgiving fabric that can handle spills, explosive diapers, paw prints, and more. Steer clear of delicate velvet and silks, along with light-coloured textile that will quickly show unsightly makings. A distressed leather sofa or a dark-hued fabric sectional couch is great for modern families that use and “abuse” their furnishings.

Maintenance is a primary consideration when choosing fabric because you may need something wrinkle-free in a house full of kids. Your best bet is also a slipcover type of upholstery so you can wash anytime, as well as replace the pattern when your mood strikes.

If you have your heart set on lux fabric accents, but your lifestyle cannot accommodate it, then you can choose it as an accent piece on your throw pillows instead.

Examine the Fabric and How It Looks as a Whole

Steer clear of tacky material that feels synthetic and looks odd with your chosen sofa shape. Materials that are made of cheap fabric feel strange against the skin. You want a comfy couch, so don’t scrimp on the quality.

Moreover, you have to consider the shape of the piece when you are picking fabric. To illustrate, a curvy sofa should ideally be in solid colours because it has a lot going on for it. If you see a curvaceous piece in a floral pattern, you may want to steer clear from it because it is not well-styled.

Final Words

There are many fabric choices out there in different materials, colours, patterns, thread counts, styles, etc. It is critical to do your diligence by researching and comparing your fabric choices because this approach will save your heart from disappointment and your wallet from the expense.

Note: Article has been written and published by Sarah Williams.

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