Amazing purple color living room interior.

How to play with colors in home interior decoration

Color association is not same across the whole world even in the same culture. However, it has association with generations and spread through various clubs and societies. For instance, green color can be used to signify healthy person or diseased person depending upon the society where you live. In the same way when we thought about playing with colors in home interior decoration, it’s all depend upon one’s taste and preferences of that particular color.

How to play with colors in home interior decoration.

Like, somebody may like red color to be put on but on the other this might be the sign of danger. Here are some of the ideas which will help you to play with colors at the time of interior decoration in your house.

1. Not mandatory to paint your ceiling always with white color

No doubt, this fact is true that white reflects light better than any other color. But this does not means that we have to use white color only on ceilings. In fact, adding color to your ceiling will definitely draw an impact on every guest or friend. So, add color to your ceiling to make it more creative and hence looks stunning.

Lovely ceiling design for home decor living room.

2. Use light color as well in room

Most of the colors are based on lightning. But, when you used only dark colors if the room is small, then your room might look smaller. In order to correct this problem, you should use dark colors on wall only when the room has large windows and light colors for the room accessories, furniture and flooring material.

3. Usage of pastel colors to depicts feminine

It is well known fact that lighter color depicts feminine where as dark colors appear to feel masculine. But, that does not mean that we cannot use pastel colors with dark colors. Surely, it will create a fabulous combination of colors. Moreover, it will look best on the furniture.

Amazing purple color living room interior.

4. All white kitchen is not best always

Nowadays, white color is very “IN” in the market. No doubt most of the interior designers choose white for kitchen. But painting kitchen in only white color make it’s more boring. Instead of using white everywhere, color your counterparts with different colors, choose light colors like off-white for kitchen cabinets and warm wood floors.

5. Every room should be painted in different color according to the taste of belonging

Rather than applying different colors for every room and selection of that room color randomly will more or less equivalent to circus. Thus, to avoid such kind of situation you can choose a series of color palette of your rooms. Thus, the color of the room will flow in the sequence rather than making it more jarring.

6. Monochromatic color not always feel warm and welcoming

White and black color can be used to give a contrasting look to your home but, it sometimes look uncomfortable as well. If you want to use monochromatic colors make sure that you use them in some particular pattern. It’s look more uncreative if you use dark colored wall and furniture and give a touch of white in that. Consider different color like gray in small portions to balance this monochromatic scheme.

7. Daylight color is important than evening

Depending on the appearance of the house, daylight and artificial lightning can play a major role in depicting the difference in the color. Paint your wall with different color on small patches then decide which color suites your wall.

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