Faux Book Case as secret door for home room.

13 awesome Ideas to Make Secret Door to a Room

Everyone has fantasized of having hidden rooms or secret passageways in their houses that will take them somewhere to an awesome place. Secrets doors or entrances ignite the imagination to some other level. It not only provides mystery to the living quarters, but also allows for a bit of privacy.

Who doesn’t want to escape to such places, when others are around whom one does not want to entertain? There can be many ways and ideas to build secret rooms, nooks or passages.

1. Mirror Secret Door

Secret Mirror door for room.

It looks like a simple mirror or a regular wall mounted mirror, but it slides open to reveal the secret to the entire other room. This can be the best place to keep the stack of cash or gold bars.

2. Faux Book Case

Faux Book Case as secret door for home room.

To keep the work and home life separate and distinct, hidden room can be made behind the bookshelves, which can be accessed by simply shifting one of them. Also, the special collection that cannot be shared with everyone can be kept there. This is something classy yet functional.

3. Reading Nook

Reading Nook as hidden door.

A shelf can be opened up to reveal an adorable reading nook covered with a cozy carpet, which will look inviting and attractive.

4. Staircase

Staircase secret room

A staircase can be raised up to reveal the hidden room. If there is a space available under the staircase, then it can be turned into the playhouse or a clubhouse for kids. A hidden room under the set of stairs is an unusual idea.

5. Stone Wall

Stone-Wall hidden door in room.

The stone wall looks like any other wall, but it can act as a hidden door and a hidden room behind it that no one can think of. It can be entire bar which cannot be showed to everyone.

6. Wardrobe

Wardrobe secret door.

A secret hidden room can be revealed behind the wardrobe. A child’s dresser can also lead to an amazing secret playroom.

7. Fireplace

Fireplace hidden door room

A fireplace can be opened up to reveal a hidden passage.

8. Under the Mat

Under the Mat secret room.

A spiral cellar designed firm can be built hidden wine cellar under the mat, with a spiral staircase that will go underground.

9. Secret Wall or Painted Wall

Secret Painted Wall

Secret wall can reveal a hidden room behind it whereas a painting looks as if it’s merely on the wall, but can be a doorway to another room. Hidden doors aren’t even there to the naked eye.

10. Cabinets

Kitchen cabinet secret door to a room.

Cabinets inside the kitchen can lead to a hidden room behind it. With a simple push to few cabinets, another hidden room can be made.

11. Kids Shelf

Kids Shelf for hidden room.

A hidden reading room or playroom or a clubhouse can be made behind the doors of the kid’s shelf.

12. Wine Rack

Secret door behind wine rack

A fully functional wine house or a bar or an entirely mysterious room can be made behind the wine rack.

13. Garage Door

Secret door in garage

A secret garage door that looks like another floor of the house can be made if a person doesn’t want to show where his/her car is parked.

Rather than just hiding a particular room, another part of the house can also be hidden entirely. A pub, a gym, or a movie theatre can entirely be hidden behind a secret door.

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