Introducing canvas in bedroom can lower designing cost.

Inspiration to help personalize your home on a budget

For most of us, buying a home represents the biggest single purchase we’ll make in our lives. While choosing the right house is vital, once you’ve found your ideal home, how can you go about personalizing it and making it a truly unique space for you and your loved ones?

Introducing canvas in bedroom can lower designing cost.

Many people believe home renovations and making a house unique needs to be an expensive process, but quite the opposite is true. Adding small touches to your home needn’t cost much and can make your rooms a personal style statement—a reflection of you and your family’s history, aspirations, and interests.

Below are just a few inspirational ideas for how you can personalize your home on a budget to make it a truly individual space.

Make it about you—a reflection of what makes you tick

When thinking about renovating or decorating, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of using neutral colors and homogenizing our environments—often based on home décor ideas we see in magazines or online. However, if you want to make a place truly your own, one of the easiest ways is to take some time to think about what makes you tick.

Perhaps you have a passion for playing guitar, surfing, snowboarding, or some other sport or activity. Taking influences from activities or objects that you’re personally passionate about will individualize your surroundings and make them a reflection of you. For example, if you enjoy playing guitar, don’t be afraid to make a statement of your instrument—perhaps hanging it in a prominent place on the wall. Better yet, if you have a few guitars, hanging them side by side will make an interesting and unique feature in a room.

Don’t just use shop-bought art or photos—use your own

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and there’s little doubting that hanging your own art lends individuality to a room. It will also likely spark conversations with visitors. A canvas print on the wall of your home featuring scenery, family, or an important event will become a great talking point. Plus, it’ll also take you back to those times of happiness. Professional art and photography can look great for sure—but there’s nothing more personal than featuring your own memories.

Decorate with items that are meaningful to you

Similar to the above, try to incorporate items that are meaningful to you. For example, when you’re traveling or are on holiday, think ahead and buy ornaments or local pieces of art that will transport you back to your time away. Even just using your favorite books stacked as decoration can provide an interesting focal point in a room and help express your personality.

Make a feature wall that expresses multiple interests

There are few features more striking in a room than a feature wall, particularly if you use it to tell a story, define a history, or show some of your more eclectic tastes. Start with photos, sketches, or paintings but don’t be afraid to move into more diverse items—perhaps stones from a beach of significance, a ski pass or trail map from your favorite winter holiday, or maybe a trinket you owned as a child—there are no bounds when it comes to a feature wall. In fact, the more varied, the better. Using items that are personal to you helps express you as a person and are sure to inspire conversation

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