Interior Designer Tina Ramchandani from New York

1st Interview: Interior designer Tina Ramchandani shares home decoration secrets

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Today we are going to have a conversation with one of the top professional interior designers Tina Ramchandani who runs designing firm Tina Ramchandani Creative. She provides her services in New York, Los Angeles and Hamptons.

Tina was used to work for Vicente Wolf Associates and Frank & Marcotullio Design Associates before starting her own interior designing firm Tina Ramchandani Creative.

Let’s begin the interview.

Q. Hello Tina, first of all we’d like to know when did you realize that interior designing is a cup of tea for you?

Like many young people, I had no idea what path I wanted to take in college. I knew I wanted to do something that inspired me daily, and I knew that I had yet to discover exactly what that was on a traditional path. I remember, so vividly, when I realized that design was not only a passion but something I could make a career of out of.

Interior Designer Tina Ramchandani from New York
Interior Designer Tina Ramchandani from New York

We were visiting an amazing hotel on a family holiday and I was completely taken back by how beautiful and well designed the interiors were.  I was aware that the way the space was designed prompted personal excitement and an immediate interest in being there, and physically occupying the space. That’s when I realized I wanted to create spaces that elicited similar feelings in others.

Q. What is the best part in home decoration & interior designing you love to explore?

That’s a really hard question to answer, mainly because I love almost everything about it! I guess if I have to sum it up, for me, it’s the process itself. I truly enjoy working on the vision, laying out the space, sourcing materials and seeing my client’s reactions during the presentation.

I love visiting the workrooms and checking in on custom pieces in progress, visiting the sites and seeing things being built. I especially love putting the final touches on a home for the big reveal, when your client sees their new space for the first time.

Q. As a professional decorator, what challenges do you face while decorating and designing? And how you overcome from those hurdles?

In this business, there are always issues. Things come in broken, materials are no longer in stock, and having the conversations with clients that items we’ve decided on may no longer be available might be the hardest part. I’ve learned to stay calm and gather all information possible before reacting, realistically, there’s always a solution.

The interesting thing is that I’ve noticed my ability to remain level headed in potentially stressful situations has translated into my personal life, so overall, it’s become a positive thing.

Q. What will be your valuable suggestions for the interior designing students and beginners to become master of the field?

Learn as much as you can! Go to every show, read every magazine and get as many internships as possible. School is valuable, as you learn the basics, but you acquire more usable knowledge by getting out in the world and exposing yourself to things that will ultimately contribute to your resourcefulness as a design expert.

Q. You have completed so many projects, so which project you think was most exciting or maybe challenging to work on? Why it was so exciting and challenging?

My own home was easily the biggest challenge, I’m a tough client! When designing for others I understand the importance of quick decision making and I always have a clear vision, but since it was my own home, it was ultimately my last priority on a daily basis. Because of that, the process took much longer than normal which made it extremely challenging.

Although it was trying at times, the challenge was invigorating, and in the end, I designed the space to be bright, airy, and neutral, so I can work on any palette and design concept here. Because my space it tailored to my needs, I love coming home every day, and it’s my belief that everyone should have that feeling.

Q. What sort of change in style and taste in designing you find when you work with clients from New York, Los Angeles and Hamptons?

My New York city clients use their homes as their permanent residences, so they’re all about organization, hidden storage, and optimizing the space they have. They want their space to be sophisticated and smart, somewhere where they can comfortably entertain guests yet cozy up when no one’s around.

Hamptons clients are typically looking for a space where they can really feel like they’ve escaped the city.  They want relaxing, serene environments, often opting for cool tones with lots of beige and blue shades. Los Angeles tends to be a mix of both the Hamptons and New York – they are definitely more relaxed than New Yorkers and want a casual home with chic accents as opposed to timeless ones.

Most projects by any coastline are meant to have a more casual vibe, so clients don’t want anything fussy, and their homes should be durable as people are coming in from the beach or pool.

Q. You are the master in decorating small and minimal spaces. Hence we’d love to know inspiring thoughts from you to decorate small space as people feel too uncomfortable in decorating small area.

New York is known for its small spaces. Even high-end New York apartments are smaller than most homes. When decorating smaller spaces, we try not to use bulky pieces that will take up too much space visually. We focus on multi use pieces and create a flow, so the spaces don’t feel overcrowded.

We’re strategic in how we use textures and don’t go overboard with large patterns that pull the eye in multiple directions. Lighting is also important, if a space is well lit it can feel much larger than it actually is.

Q. How do you manage professional and personal life?

Interior designing is not an easy job. Every week is a balancing act. Some days I feel as though I’ve mastered the act of running a business from home and disconnecting when necessary, and some days I catch my reflection in the filing cabinets at 1 AM, and realize I’m completely failing when it comes to a work life balance.

I think this is a struggle in many professions, that people across all industries face, so I take it as it comes and do my best to maintain a life full of things other than work-like travel, family and down time.

Q. What home decoration tips you’d like to share with Home Decor Buzz audience?

  • Always plan before you buy
  • Invest in art, even if it’s super affordable art that fits your space (beauty on the walls makes a big impact!)
  • Patience is key, the perfect piece may take longer than you’d like to arrive, but loving and living with that piece forever will be worth it in the long run

Thanks Tina for being with us and sharing such healthy tips, thoughts and inspiration regarding home decoration and interior designing.

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Interview taken and edited by Aman Bansal.

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