Red and yellow kitchen decor

Kitchen design ideas on a small budget

Are you sick of trying to arrange your kitchen to accommodate all the appliances you have? Do you have countertops but no oven? Or does your pantry not have ample room to store all your spices? I know that it’s hard to get yourself motivated to renovate your kitchen.

Red and yellow kitchen decor

It seems like such a big and challenging project. But what’s going to happen when you’re more willing to make the needed changes? My guess is that you’ll enjoy what you’ve created every time that you cook in your kitchen. Not only will you have ample space for storage, but you’ll also receive tons of compliments on the beautiful kitchen design.

Color scheme

When I was selecting colors for my kitchen, I knew I wanted to have some color in the room, but I didn’t want it to be so bold that it overpowered everything else. I decided to use a lighter tone on the walls and then work on accents and other items around the kitchen using a darker tone.

Nature in kitchen with plants

The first thing that really made me stand out with this kitchen design is the touch of purple. I wasn’t sure how this would work with everything else, but once it was all together in the room, it truly brought the place together. You can also go for budget appliances by exploring kitchen appliance packages online.


It dawned on me that there are plenty of fabrics that can add interest beyond paint. The suitable fabric can bring out a little of an old sofa, curtains can be replaced with ornate dresses as curtains or tablecloths, and valances can be made from an old sheet or sweater.

If you have plain white kitchen curtains, you can add more color and a warm feeling to your kitchen with modern fabric patterns. If you want, you can also buy fabrics that mimic other popular decorating trends like chevron or houndstooth.

Fresh herbs

Since we’ve been talking about cheap kitchen makeovers lately, I thought it would be fun to talk about one of my budget kitchen ideas. For around $40, I purchased a 4 x 8 ft cold frame. I bought plastic sheets at the hardware store to line the box.

I then filled it with potting mix and planted several herbs, such as basil, mint, oregano, thyme, and Italian parsley. The best part is that 3-6 months later, I will have a free supply of fresh herbs. This is a super frugal kitchen idea that also makes life easier by cutting down trips to the grocery store for fresh herbs.

Corners and counters

A triangular corner rack is one of the great things you can use to free up counter space in your kitchen. You can use these in a lot of places, considering storing cans and other kitchen items are possible. The design is also good enough that you can fit this piece right in, especially with the triangular arrangement that makes sure it’ll fit perfectly on your counter. Furthermore, it’s pretty easy to make as well.

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