Kitchen interior design trends 2019

Top Kitchen Design Trends 2021

The kitchen is said to be “the heart” of any home. It clearly reflects the needs and lifestyle of the people, it belongs to. Often when we are planning to design our kitchen or remodel it, we just go blank as to how to make it look subtle as well as reflect our personality, the way we are.

Best kitchen design of 2019

Here is a quick guide on how to design and decorate kitchen that reflects your individualistic tastes and looks trendy as well. There is a plethora of choices in ways how your kitchen can be designed in this new age, as soon as we decide on the budget.

Every year trends change in designing and decorating, hence today we are bringing kitchen design trends for 2021 year.

So let us take a look at some cool ideas below.

Kitchen Trends 2021

1. Countertops

Granite has been the go-to material for countertops, but it’s time to let something new like quartz, enter the kitchen and make it look timeless.

Amazing kitchen countertop design 2019

2. Brighter hues

Chuck the old trend of keeping your kitchen in white and ivory tones and let some splash of bright and darker colours in.

3. Matte finishes

Just like white tones, glossy finishes have been a rage, it’s time to matte everything to add that elegant sense of drama.

Top kitchen design photo 2019

4. Exotic tiles

Let go of the graphic signs as tiles and add Spanish or Moroccan inspired tiles for a visual impact.

5. Bright stoves and hoods

Use stoves and hoods in contrasting colour combinations to add some quirkiness.

Beautiful kitchen interior design 2019

6. Smart lighting and gadgets

Technology advances keep enhancing our daily lives. From screen display refrigerators to remote control lighting, the kitchen had never been given an option to get this smart.

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7. Glass shelves

As compared to the older wooden shelves, glass shelves look much elegant and luxurious and they are easier to clean too.

8. Single- leveled islands

Instead of multi-dimensional islands, use single leveled ones to let in more light and make an obstructed conversation and dining area. The islands if made smartly can also be used for storage options to maximise space.

9. Statement sinks

Good bye to the usual sinks and hello to the unique, statement-making sinks with intricate designs and ornate fixtures to make your kitchen look unique. You can also use covered sinks that can add up to your space and also covers those dirty dishes to be cleaned.

Kitchen interior design trends 2019

10. Mix and match

Use different kind of metals and finishes that go well together to not make your kitchen boring and keep it lively.

11. Quirky flooring

Use bold-printed flooring to add that sense of drama in the kitchen and match up the cabinets and tiles with the flooring.

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12. Glamourised stools

Add some everyday glamour to your kitchen and dining area with modern and stylish stools.

Stylish kitchen stools design for 2019

13. Minimum is maximum

Minimal furniture is the new millennial trend. While choosing the cabinets and other furniture try to keep things minimum and let the floor and walls be clutter free and spacious.

Now that you have got an idea about the latest trends for your kitchen designing and decoration in 2020, why not just get started with some experimenting!

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