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Looking to revamp your cafe chairs? Here are 5 trendsetters you cannot miss

You might be fancied with the idea of opening a coffee shop and serving the customers a hot cup of coffee with other delectable food items. It might sound quite convincing, but in reality, it’s a challenging task.

Earlier a cafe was all about people flocking in to grab their favourite flavoured coffee and have some savouries. However, with the changing trends, you cannot miss admitting the fact that people seek for a space to have quality time with their near ones and settle with some office related task.

You might be serving the best coffee, but without backing it up with proper interior designs like entrance, cash counters, and most importantly the seating arrangements, there is going to be a vexing time for you running the business smoothly.

Cafe Chair by homedecorbuzz
Cafe Chair

Therefore, before splurging your cash on revamping the entire look, here are some cafe chairs that you can consider picking up for your space.

These are the 5 trendsetters cafe chairs that you cannot miss in 2020

1. Wooden chairs

These are completely made from wooden materials and render a traditional vibe in the cafes. You can choose from the different finishes and range of woods available, and even some of these can be upholstered as well. The classic examples include bentwood chairs and ladder back chairs.

2. Polypropylene chairs

The chairs are made from durable polypropylene material and are available in vibrant hues and styles. Being light-weighted and easy to move around, these are preferable for outdoor locations as these are easy to clean and weatherproof.

The lively shades add a bold splash of colour dynamics that are known to seek the attention of the passers-by. The colour also doesn’t fade away over a long time of use. The best selling trendy chairs in this category include the decorative Stephanie chairs and Premium chairs with resting arms.

3. Rattan/wicker chairs

Most of these chairs are constructed with nylon rattan for ease of use and longevity, and these chairs are typically popular as faux rattan and wicker. These cafe chairs are equally stylish and can be easily moved to and fro and provides resistance to heat and moisture. The chairs, when paired with aluminium and steel frames, generate a contemporary look in the outdoor space.

4. Aluminium chairs

These chair sittings can be a brilliant option when stationed outside on the terrace or pavement edge as these offer a shield from weather damages and rusting. Even these have a convenient storing option as these can stack, and some may even fold.

These chairs can a part of your extended outdoor cafe area and render a modish appeal. The aluminium chairs with double legs which are also available in rattan shells are the classic trendsetters in cafes.

5. Steel chairs

The industrial vibes are quite popular among the cafes and restaurants, and steel chairs are a much popular choice in this type of arrangement. The steel chairs add personality and appearance in the seating area. Most of these chairs are weightless and durable and have included models like Tolix that are known for its styles, colours and finishes.

Some other tips to revamp your cafe in 2020

Industrial look

A beautiful blend of industrial elements and modern decor makes the cafe more appealing to the people. Design ideas incorporate an open centered roof covered with glass to give the view to the beautiful sky while customers are enjoying their sip of coffee.

Mid-century style

This style of cafe is all about the exploration of the traditional designs and infusing them with new materials. It has more to work out with functionality than form, and uses contrasting materials like plywood, plexiglass, plastic and vinyl. You can even have an outstanding space effect with clean lines made from organic geometric shapes.

Bold and beautiful

Bold interior designs have always been the central spot attraction in many cafes. The vibrant shades and tones like red, blue, yellow, orange, etc., displayed over walls help to create an outline when combined with geometric patterns. Irregular pattern chairs like tolix can be an element of this theme.

Graffiti walls

This unconventional design decor can really make your cafe a glamorous one. Create a gallery wall on one or two of the main walls. These walls will look more attractive with sketches like graffiti, comics, doodles, etc. Position the seating arrangements accordingly so that customers can enjoy the food with the stunning artistry.

Vintage vibes

A cafe look can also be inspired by the architecture and interiors from the past. In this style, several decors ideas from days of yore are mixed. The old-world charm can romanticize you, and make you feel lost in a completely different era. Woodworks are very popular for this theme and express the feel of the cafe better.

As the owner of a cafe, you can select the theme after emphasizing the different aspects, and accordingly, choose the furniture and chairs that fit in the decor landscape. Once decided, you can check out the elegant and chic designs on cafe chairs by FurnitureRoots.

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