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Lost Your Keys? Don’t Lose Your Head and Follow These 4 Steps Instead

In today’s busy world, people lose their keys all the time. In most cases, keys are just misplaced and turn up later. But they may also be stolen or permanently lost, which creates a security risk. Anyone finding a set of keys can easily access a car, home, or other secure areas.


Home shape key
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Even if you have spare keys to get you through the emergency, it is still essential to take critical steps that prevent further problems. You need to call the police and insurance company, change your locks, and contact a locksmith offering emergency services.

Hire a Reputable Locksmith

Once you have searched everywhere, retraced your steps, and are convinced that your keys have been stolen or lost, reach out to a local locksmith with a good reputation. For example, over at Texas Premier Locksmith the staff has years of experience and the resources to provide emergency help.

An experienced locksmith can replace auto, home, and commercial keys and offer security solutions. They provide quick help for clients locked out of their homes and cars.

Call Your Insurance Company

According to IPS News, you should contact your insurance provider as soon as possible and report missing keys. Your coverage will likely make it simple for you to replace several keys without spending a fortune. Insurance companies may cover locksmith services and pay for towing when you have been locked out of your car and the problem can’t be fixed on-site.

Insurers can also offer guidance. Agents will recommend measures you could take to minimize the chance of losing keys in the future.

Contact the Police

If you believe your keys have been stolen, it’s vital to contact the police. Even if keys could have been lost, contacting the police is a good idea.

Insurance companies typically request that you file a police report when you file a claim for theft. Contacting authorities leaves a paper trail, which is essential, and you may be at risk of identity theft if your wallet or purse were stolen.

You will need to complete a police report and include as much detail as possible. You may be asked to think of anyone you know who might have a reason to steal your keys. Provide as much information as possible since every detail matters in a police investigation. After you file the report, it is likely that an officer will let you know whether you need to take safety precautions.

Change Your Locks

When home keys are lost or stolen, you will want to ask your locksmith to replace them. This might also be an excellent time to inquire about installing a home security system. Locksmiths often specialize in security services and can most install high-tech electronic locks, intercoms, and security camera systems.

If your car keys were stolen and you have an older car, a locksmith can replace the locks. Per car insurance comparison experts, newer vehicles often have key fobs which a dealer can reprogram. If a key fob is stolen, a dealership will deactivate it, and you can buy a new one.

Losing your keys or having them stolen is not only inconvenient but also poses a security risk. There are simple steps you can take to resolve the problem. It’s essential to call your insurance company and the police, especially if you believe keys have been stolen. Contact a reputable emergency locksmith who can replace keys and change locks if necessary.

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