White paint color theme room decor.

Most Popular Paint Colors that make Rooms Look Bigger

Colors play a pivotal role in the overall appeal of a room whether you are working with bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen or any other part of the house. Paint works like a magic in your rooms. They have the ability to any small room look bigger and more airy than it actually is and also give more appeal to a room and make it more inviting. With the houses becoming smaller it seems that having a big house is just a dream.

Well there might be some truth in the previous statement but you can still make a small house look big from inside by just playing it smart with the paint on the walls. Use of brighter shades actually transforms your room completely and gives it an airy feel. Use bright shades on walls with a combination of a lighter shade of the same color on the moldings.

This actually creates an optical illusion and dissolves all the boundaries and instantly gives your room a bigger feel. Whenever we think about of bright colors the one and only color for painting our walls which comes to our mind is white. There are many other colors which are bright and make your house big and actually make you feel good. To name a few colors you can opt from one of the following.

Paints that will make your room look bigger

Delft Blue

Well this color may look a bit dark at first glance but when you give it a closer look it certainly looks good and you would instantly fall in love with it once you see it on walls. Use this color on all four and match it wit a same shade flooring or carpet. The effect this will provide will be just amazing. It will blend in all the dimensions and give the room bigger feel. The color will simply leave you in awe and you will forget about the boundaries of the room.

Delft blue living room interior design.
Delft blue living room interior design.


Now, using a bright shade of white will really have a good impact on you psychologically also. Whenever you will enter the room it will make the give you a sense of clarity and also will cheer you up with its serenity. Also since white reflects most of the light so it makes the walls go away and makes you feel you are in a bigger room.

White paint color theme room decor.
White color theme room decor

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Nomadic Taupe

This shade basically resembles the color of sand but in a lighter shade. This color provides a neutral feel to the walls and helps you focus on the furnishings of the room and makes you forget about the size. Use this shade on ceilings and it will altogether provide the room a feeling of warmth. It’s amazing to see how this color takes the color of outside light but still has its own integrity. Use this shade in the rooms that are open to light or have large window.

Nomadic Taupe color theme room design for home.
Nomadic Taupe theme room design

Fresh lime

This color has a freshness of its own and easily imparts that feel to the room and also makes you feel fresh. To define this shade, it can be understood as a form of pale yellow with a twist of green. It will give you a feel that you are sitting in a garden and take away the boxy feeling of your room and make it more airy. This shade can be used for rooms that do not get enough natural light to liven them up and give those room an atmosphere of their own.

Fresh lime color theme bedroom design.
Fresh lime color theme bedroom design


This color is for those people who want to use a dark color but are afraid to go very dark. This is middle tone taupe and will easily shadow the corners and create an illusion of a bigger room.

Beige color bathroom interior design.
Beige color bathroom interior design

What do you think about using such paint colors to enhance the look and beauty of room? Do you like them?

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