Beautiful pink living room design by homedecorbuzz

Lovely Pink Living Room Designs, Decor, Ideas, Photos

The living room exudes one’s sense of personality and style. Hence the interior design should freely express themselves on your walls. The living room is meant for relaxation and comfort. Hence should be soothing to the eyes and also bring peace to you when you enter it.

Beautiful pink living room design by homedecorbuzz
Beautiful pink living room design

Features of a living room

  • A living room is a very personal space, and hence, the designs should suit the tastes of the inhabitants. A designer decor may not be as appealing as your own detailing.
  • Carefully discuss your taste and liking with your designer so that he/she can choose the layouts accordingly.
  • One should always be comfortable in the layout and designs of the room in which they will be resting. Since it is a resting room, it should exude a sense of tranquility and peacefulness.
Pink sofa for living room decoration
Pink sofa for living room decoration

Why To choose pink?

The use of color is very important as colors invoke different feelings in a person. However, these are mostly generalizations on the effects and feelings for different colors. There are no fixed rules as such.

  • Perception of colors is strictly personal and may also be based on cultural ideas. Interior Designer Amanda says “Pink, however, a color which denotes passion, aggression, anger, and love is.”
  • However, the Chinese perceive pink as a color for good fortune and prosperity. However, people who are suffering from sleeping problems and heart issues are strictly advised against using pink as their living room color.
  • Dark pink initiate adrenaline rush and stimulate a faster heartbeat. Interior designer Amanda says “People aiming for passion and love, a splash of pink on your dewan cover, pillows, and the walls can work wonders.”
Lovely pink living room interior design ideas by homedecorbuzz
Lovely pink living room interior design ideas

Calm yourself after a hard day’s work

People who feel relaxed around pink, for them a pink living room is the ideal place to unwind. While there may be others, who feel otherwise.

  • Pink is a highly attention grabbing color. So you need to accessorize your room accordingly. The lampshades, furniture covers, artworks all must be matching colors in sync with the color of your walls.
  • For people skeptic about painting your walls with yellow, consider this. Give it a try and experience the feelings and moods it invokes. The color might just surprise you.
Light pink color living room design photo by homedecorbuzz
Light pink color living room design

Adding a zing to your resting place

Pink symbolizes passion and enthusiasm. Hence which the right stroke of color, you can add the perfect zing to your room.

  • Lighting is a very important part of the pink living room. The lampshades must be arranged in such a way that the room is well lit from every corner. The perfect play of light and shadows can do just the trick. Hence positioning of the lampshades is very important.
Contemporary pink living room design photo by homedecorbuzz
Contemporary pink living room

Accessorizing your way towards a perfect living room

Relaxation is the main idea of a living room. Good music always helps you unwind. So having a music system is a good idea.

  • The primary pink living room can be made even more interesting with hints of contrasting colors like gray and black. Ambitious people also prefer to paint their restroom walls pink as it invokes a positive effect on your mind when you wake up in the morning.

What are your views on decorating a pink living room? Share with us in the comment section.

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