Tips to sell home fast

Planning a Move to Utah: A Simple Guide

By most metrics, the Utah population is booming. While there were just over two million citizens of Utah in the late 1990s, this number has grown to over three million as of 2019.

Many families are considering moving to Utah to enjoy the great outdoors and wonderful cities that the state has to offer.

Tips to sell home fast

While Utah has historically played home to the largest Mormon population in the United States, many other individuals are moving into the state to take up residence and create their own culture.

In this article, we will walk you through everything you need to know about planning a move to Utah, from buying a house in the Utah real estate market to the different geographical regions available.

The Basics

As with any move, there are certain pieces of information you’ll want to gather. Depending on the location you plan to move to in Utah, you’ll need to understand the following metrics.

You want to know the median household income, and the average home price. This will give you a great sense of the overall cost of living.

Based on this information, you can look at different types of houses to see what you’ll be able to afford. If you’re looking to¬†think bold, be sure to check out special home contractors for new residents.

Another component of this decision lies in tax rates. Tax rates may be higher or lower depending on the need for local municipalities to carry a higher budget. This may be higher in bigger cities like Salt Lake City or Park City.

If you have children or young adults, you’ll want to look into the local education system.

It also serves as a marker of affluence to look at the unemployment rates and job market in addition to crime rates in your region of interest.

While certain areas of Utah are homogeneous in terms of religious affiliation, there are other pockets of greater diversity. You may be interested in one or the other depending on your background. There are also significant differences in political views depending on the region you want to move to.

Major Regions in Utah

Northern Utah is home to Utah State University and has a population density of about 350 people per square mile. Major cities like Bountiful and Logan make up this area.

Most newcomers to Utah will be interested in the Salt Lake City Metro area. This region is host to the University of Utah, and the major city of Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City has a population of nearly 200,000, with a median age of 32.

Northeastern Utah is home to Provo and Orem, hosting Brigham Young University and a variety of companies in the education and manufacturing spaces.

Central Utah is far less dense. There are approximately seven people per square mile. The biggest employer in this region is the US government because of the national parks.

Finally, southern Utah has a slightly higher population density, however still hosts primarily agriculture, mining, and other oil and gas activities.

Planning a Move to Utah

At the end of the day, Utah is one of the remaining hidden gems in the United States. With a diverse array of natural scenery and culture, the state continues to attract new families year in and year out.

With basic knowledge about cost-of-living and desired community preferences, you can make your move to Utah much simpler. You won’t be surprised when you arrive because you have done your research.

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