Red kitchen interior walls with oak wood paint.

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Many of us live with drab and gloomy kitchens for years. But, never find the spare cash to remodel the kitchen as per the latest trends. Do not despair, a splash of paint and some glossy laminates can lift your kitchen’s looks.

Red is the colour of warmth and passion. It is also the color that denotes hunger and food.It is the colour that is perfect for your kitchen and can transform the ambience inexpensively and significantly.

Best red kitchen design ideas and tips.

So how bold are you?  Would you introduce red as a main color in your kitchen or in a little splash here and there?

How to color kitchen Red

Painting the walls

An easy way to add color to your kitchen may be painting a single wall in red. This will immediately add warmth and brightness to the area. Red may be the foil to softer colors like cream, fawn or white. One wall or even a red backsplash can do the trick. If you prefer a tiled kitchen add red tiles as a border or accent to neutral colour walls to create a colorful look.  Red patterned wallpaper may also work.

Red kitchen interior walls with oak wood paint.

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Red furniture

Kitchen cabinets can be painted or laminated in red. They may be single toned for a brighter look or may be teamed with white or cream for a conservative colour scheme. Red stools or chairs can be used as a pop of red colour. A red island is also a good option. Sinks are also available in red and can be used to create a strong colour statement.

Latest red kitchens trend

Other ways to decorate red kitchen

You may add red to your kitchen in many little ways. A set of gleaming red utensils hanging from hooks make an interesting focal point. Red enamelware is also available in prints and can be a very functional décor option.

Red kitchen design with black cabinets and red countertops in home kitchen.

Red appliances like a cherry red Refrigerator, oven or stove can add a bold splash in a white or grey kitchen. Stoves in Red are a welcome break from conventional steel finish ones. They are powder coated versions which are maintenance friendly additions. If you want smaller red accents, a toaster or food processor can add a little red to your counter tops.

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Textiles in the form of a red or checked table cloth, a smart woven rug or red napkins can create a thread of red accents in the kitchen. This is the least expensive and most versatile way of adding red to your kitchen. These knick knacks are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace and can be increased or decreased at will to subtly change the décor theme.

White cabinets to decorate red kitchen interior with red hot walls

Let us not forget the drama of red flooring. A variety of flooring options are available in red or patterns with red combinations. It is a more permanent way to use red as a color in the kitchen. Windows can be coloured red to complement a white, teal or beige kitchen.  Window treatments are an easier option to introduce red to your kitchen.

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So go ahead and indulge your senses. Make a bold statement with your red kitchen.

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