Washbasin designs for small bathrooms.

Selecting the Right Washbasin for a Small Bathroom

Having a small bathroom doesn’t mean that you don’t get to enjoy the best of furnishings and accessories available. You don’t need to compromise on the choices you make and the leisure quotient that you could have enjoyed if you had your bathroom located in a bigger area of your house. Even though it is a slightly more tricky situation to put together furniture and a design plan for a small bathroom, it is in no way impossible.

Another plus is that when you finally let out all your creative energies into designing a small space into an amazingly luxurious bathroom, you can not even compare the joy it will bring to you, to anything else! It sure is a difficult ride but it is every bit rewarding. While you might be all rushed with all your positivity and high spirits, you might still find yourself a little entangled into the web of ideas available and you might as well be confused on how to actually get to the execution part.

Washbasin designs for small bathrooms.
Washbasin designs for small bathrooms

You may begin with breaking down the idea and consider things one at a time. Beginning with one of the essentials, a wash basin. Wash basins can be quite overwhelming to pick out since they form one of the most basic accessories, we get a wide range of options to look out for. This might leave you in a confused spot but we’ve got your back! We are bringing to you some great tips to consider that might come in handy while picking out a wash basin for a small bathroom.

Picking the Right Size

It doesn’t necessarily mean that a small bathroom has to have a small wash basin. There are masterfully designed small bathrooms that feature larger wash basins as compared to some larger bathrooms. It’s all about how well the furniture has been put together. One must find a basin that is just the right size in relation to the surrounding furniture and accessories.

If the basin is the centrepiece of your bathroom as per your design project, you can opt for a larger basin and pick out furniture and accessories around it to compliment the basin.

Let Colors Work their Wonders

Wash basins come in nearly all different colors and designs. A small bathroom can be furnished well if the color scheme compliments each other. Lighter colors work especially well for a small bathroom since they merge well into the background and do not overpower the environment.

They can make the bathroom feel lighter and hence bigger. Queo gives you the option to pick out the wash basins that match best with the overall look of your bathroom. Queo’s range of wash basins on the lighter side of the palette can work amazingly well with your small bathroom. Pick out the pieces best suited for yourself and design the bathroom of your dreams with great ease!

Minimalism is the Key

When you have a small bathroom, you have to aim to make it look bigger and employ certain space saving hacks in order to incorporate all that you desire in your ideal bathroom. Minimalism works well as a design plan because it helps in creating an illusion of a bigger space.

Wash basins fitting into the minimalist range can work perfectly for a small bathroom as they eliminate all the clutter arising out of patterns, helping achieve a great clutter-free bathroom design. You can pick out some insert wash basins that will help you achieve a cleaner look and will also create the illusion of a bigger space. Variants like F-Marquis and F-Fiordo will work especially well in this context.

Getting the Storage and Countertops Right

Wash basins with countertops and storage can be immensely helpful when it comes to small bathrooms. These help in serving the purpose of both storage and additional storage and holding items at the countertops at the same time working well as wash basins.

This is a great space-saving hack and can help keep your bathroom open and airy and eliminate the clutter that comes with having separate storage cabinets and holders. Along with this, you can also enjoy under the counter storage and avoid any kind of clutter that can make your bathroom feel small or cramped.

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  1. So modern and so attractive, these great and outstanding washbasins will give a great and modern impact on any bathroom whether it is small or big. Those faucets are also suiting those modern washbasins. Thank you for sharing, I really liked it. I will definitely use this kind of basin for my new bathroom as soon as possible. So, thanks once again, take care and have a nice day.

  2. I was planning to buy a washbasin for my new house but didn’t know where to start. But your article has helped me a lot by providing step by step guidelines to keep in mind while purchasing a washbasin. The washbasin images that you have shared with us look so trendy and stylish. I am sure your article will help many others select the right washbasin for them. Thank you.

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