Framed pictures to decorate living room wall

Small Living Room Design Ideas

Houses are made up of dreams. You invest your life’s savings to buy your dream home, then why not go the extra mile with the living room design?

The living room is the first thing your guests notice as they enter the house. So no matter how big or small the room is the decoration should be on point.

Ever wonder why people appoint professionals to design their living room?

Framed pictures to decorate living room wall

Because designing a compact living room is not an easy task. It has to be in sync with the overall feel of the house. But we are here to make the task easier for you! Take help of these easy ideas to design or renovate your living room:

Space-saving furniture

The major challenge faced while designing a small living is the space crunch. There is a lot that can be done but there is a shortage of space. To solve this you can use furniture that is a real space saver. Wall wardrobes with attached mirrors for clothes, stools can be used for sitting and multifunctional furniture has to be chosen. A sofa cum bed or a rug for sitting would save up some space and still be useful.

Plan furniture intelligently or tight spots

The trick is to choose the right thing for the right space. For example, the space below the stairs can be used for a small living room library. A leaning sofa can be installed here as well. The secret is to use attractive accessories to distract the viewers from the size of the room.

Use ceiling space

Adding an extra storage space near the ceiling is a real game-changer. The fact that it will be not taken notice of at first glance makes it more useful. This can be covered with decorative accessories or with colourful curtains.

Choose the right colour

Right colour brings out the essence of the entire room. Warm colours on the walls make it look welcoming and soothe the eyes. The perfect colour combination even can manipulate the viewer’s perception of the room.

Choose a theme

Small living rooms are best for theme decor. It is a great way to decorate the room with a fun and interesting object that will engage the viewers and charm them. Follow a pattern for the theme; keep the accessories minimum and meaningful. Play with the light to your advantage. The room will surely look vibrant and lively.

Back the textures and patterns

If you want to maintain the original feature of the room then give it a modern touch. Go for patterned or textured wallpapers. For the walls opt for vertical designs as they make the room look bigger. Floral patterns and texture can also be used for curtains and rugs. You can visit to get more ideas.

It is recommended to not overcrowd the room with excessive furniture and unnecessary accessories. The idea is to make the room look tidy yet stylish. Choose these ideas for making the room look compact and cosy.

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