Island kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz

Step By Step Guide To Decorate The Kitchen

Kitchen is the foodie’s paradise!

The kitchen is not separate from the rest of the house, but it is sometimes neglected for being the last place guests take a glance at. But in all reality, a well-planned kitchen is as essential as a properly designed bedroom or living room!

Island kitchen design photo by homedecorbuzz

So here is a step-by-step guide to decorating your beloved kitchen, for the novice; and some ideas to brush up the skills for the pros.

Steps to decorate kitchen

1. Location

Prior to decoration choosing an appropriate location for the kitchen is necessary. A kitchen is a place where a lot of time is spent starting from morning coffee till preparing meals. Consult your architect for selecting the ideal corner of the home for the kitchen so that is at an ideal distance from the living room and close to the dining area at the same time at a safe distance from toddlers and pets.

2. Planning

Generally the kitchen requires a considerable amount of area for storing basic amenities like fridge, microwave. But if you are planning to use the kitchen also as a dining space then it might require more space. Use the available space intelligently to save space.

3. Color

Your kitchen should not look individual and separate from the rest of the ambience of the home. Keep the color of the kitchen coordinated. Obviously, it is avoidable to use overly dramatic dark shades like brown or bold red and lights shades like white or lime-yellow as they are not ideal. But choose a color that complements the tone and overall feel. Opt for vibrant patterns, tiles or motifs to create a unique vibe. Hues of red, blues will look marvelous.

4. Accessorize to update your kitchen

Upgrade to a smart kitchen with the installation of kitchen cabinets. Choose from a wide range of shelves. Personalize them according to your style and preference. Make the kitchen more stylish with simple changes like decorative lights, bright colored stools, colorful rags etc. Along with that choosing, matching utensils is an art you can master.

You can also add a personalized linen cocktail napkin customized with your personal monogram, name, or initials. They come in many colors and patterns to infuse your space with some personality!

5. Traditional design

A traditional style kitchen looks sophisticated and stunning. Nothing reflects the traditional design as all wooden decor, from shelves to furniture to a dark wooden floor. They look attractive and are also durable. Blend the traditional with the contemporary to create the perfect design for the kitchen.

6. Splash of green

If you are planning to embark on DIY ideas go for handmade trays, flower vase. Mini flower pots will also add a touch of green to the kitchen. Planning the accessories properly helps the kitchen looks cozy and not crowded.

7. Open kitchen

Go with the flow. An open kitchen is very much in trend now. Avoid using extra space dedicated to the kitchen. This is particularly useful for the smoke-free environment. The open kitchen does not only save space but is also less expensive.

The kitchen is like the heart of the house. Thus kitchen decoration needs utmost care and attention. You can experiment with colors and play with the furniture. Mix and match shades for producing the best result.

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